SAGE 9140-4 Graphite III Brownie Question

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by montanafos, Feb 4, 2012.

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    FT and Inland nailed it! The 9140-4 really shines with the lighter lines. As far as a Skagit line goes I am still trying out a 600 skagit, and a 580.
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    Now if you really want a bit of Sage Spey rod legend for your next rod, get an 8150-4 and a looong belly line. Especially for the Clearwater. In it's day, the 8150-4 was in a class of it's own. They are getting hard to find now days, for the same reason as the LL's. No one wants to part with theirs.:D
  3. montanafos

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    What a great amount of hands on knowledge here. Thanks fellas.
  4. montanafos

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    I just picked up a 9140-3 that's on it's way from Scotland?...or Ireland...I think. Should have it in a couple weeks. Will be interesting to see the difference in the two. I'm guessing the reel I have will balance both well and an extra spool will allow foruse on either rod with the appropriate line. Any way...thought I'd share that purchase. It was a decent buy and in great shape with warranty card so figured why not?
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    The 9140-3 is a very different rod from the 9140-4, more tip action with a stiffer butt.
  6. montanafos

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    I've read quite a bit about the differences and think I'll probably like the 9140-4 more as I prefer a more moderate to slow action and I honestly won't have an opportunity to do a ton of fishing with these rods to justify trying to use both for different situations for instance. Most of my trout rods are the Sage LL series. As for the 9140-3...I bought it more out of a desire to own one of each. It sounds like there are lots of folks who prefer the 3 piece stiffer action to the 4 piece. I think that's just the way things have progressed...faster being "better". I'll begin with the 9140-4 as I've seen suggestions that the slow action is preferred for new casters and then at some point may play with the 9140-3. If I don't like it I'm comfortable that I can get my money back out of it. It may very well just become a part of the group of brown Sage rods I have at home.
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    It's mostly in the bottom hand and how you use it. Practice practice practice.
    Always know a rod well before moving on to the next, I always say.
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    Sound advice. I'm going to get some instruction from a certified instructor. Hoping that will get me off to a good start.
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    I finally found an 8150. Just received it and it's a beauty. It's paired with Speyco reel and this combo will be one that will end up with my kids one day.
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    3 piece 2handers are frequently called 'European Action,' think Sage may have started that many years back. To over generalize, the 3 bit ones will be far firmer in the bottom two sections than the typical progressive action 4 bit ones. Think 'under handed' casting style. Perfect for that.
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    That guy lives in Clear Lake but doubt he would admit it.