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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by ssickle1, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. I just picked one up. Will it cast a 9/10/11 veritip? Have one laying around I use without the middle bellie for my 7136.

    I know this is a popular rod, any suggetions for multi tip?
  2. If your talking about a 9/10/11 spey windcutter multi tip ,yes that will do nicely.I see a lot of people flailing about because they put a nine wieght single hand line on a nine weight double hander,and they are about 300 grains short.
  3. Is this the old brown rod? Newer Green rod? Or the newest color? If it's either of the latter two the 9/10/11 will get you by. Probably not ideal but doable. If it's the old rod you will more than likely find that line to be TOO heavy. But you gotta cast it to know.

  4. The 7/8/9 WC will rock on the 9140 brownie or greenie, although if you are new at this the 8/9/10 might suit you better.
  5. It's brown. I throw a 6/7/8 on my 7136 and it's about right. Guess I'll throw it around for a while...assuming the rivers ever get back into shape.
  6. You can toss the 9/10/11 on it; but this line will overlaod the rod a bit and slow it down even more than its already slow action. When I owned this rod (it was my first 2-hander and I sold it last year after having it for 13 years), I prefered the 7/8/9 Windcutter on it; but I have friend who still uses his 9140-4 and he likes the 8/9/10 Windcutter on it. Personally, I like a much faster rod, which is why I sold mine last year
  7. I think you're going to be a little heavy... The WC 7/8/9 is a better match for that rod.
  8. I opted for the 8/9/10 Rio Windcutter and I am very happy with it on that same rod. I use the newer longer mid section too, 30 feet, "the upgrade head".
  9. My suggestion would be to bring it down to our day on the river ( every saturday) at the Tolt/snoqualmie confluence. You can try all of the above mentioned lines and choose for your self what fits best. I see you are in the local area so this is not to far to travel. Infact this is the whole point of our saturdays on the river, to give folks the opportunity to try an assortment of lines and rods before they make the big purchase and even recieve a bit of instruction if they wish.

  10. Might just do that. I've been there a couple times. Mike and Aaron are super helpful plus you get to see the latest and greetest stuff you "must have". There is always the added benefit of seeing kids cast 100'.

  11. I have to say, I really like that old brown 9140, especialy with the 7-8-9. I know alot of people who have upgrade from that rod and ended up with less rod in the trade. Somtimes I think alot of good gear gets lost in the newer better faster shuffle, and this rod may have been a victim.
  12. Assuming we're talking the old brown RPL 9140-4 from about 8 years ago, I, too, like the 789 best. Kind of cool listening to everyone else's experience with this rod, I think it was the first double-hander for a lot of us. Anyway the 7/8/9 livens up the rod which is the way I like it, you can create a really big D loop and higher line speeds. An 8/9/10 would be OK for a dry line but if you ask me a 9/10/11 will turn that rod into goo, at lest it did when I cast that line on it.

    I would be interested to see how a longer-bellied 7/8 would cast on it.

    Best bet is to get some demo lines and try what you like.

  13. I think the 7/8 MidSpey is also sweet on the older 9140s.
  14. To clarify: do you have the 9140-4 or the 9140-3? From what I've heard from several sources, the two are entirely different rods, the three-piece version being definitely stronger - perhaps more of a 9/10 - and faster, and very good with sinking tips. My experience is with the "old brownie" 9140-4, a much-admired medium action. Mine works fine with a S.A. Mastery 8/9 cut for tips, and a Cortland 444 DT8/9F floater.
  15. Good point Mac. Anything I've posted in this thread was addressed to the 9140-4.
  16. Red Shed,

    Thanks for the input I think I'm gonna try that 7/8 midspey would be nice for big dries. Thanks.

  17. 9140-4. So it looks like most of you think a lighter line for throwing tips?
  18. John,

    There are quite a few lines down that road. 7/8 Long Delta, new 7/8 CND line, XLT 6/7, new grandspey 7/8, old wulff #9 (my favorite dryline on that rod), and of course the midspey 7/8.

  19. To me it doesn't matter if the line is dry or tips. If the rod likes XYZ dryline I think it will like XYZ tips lines. Please note I'm not talking about a tip made from 25' of "depth finder" or whatever but the tips that are furnished with the various multi tip lines. I used to have a 7/8 Delta Long Tips that I thought cast/fished very nicely on a 9140-4.
    It is to "each his own" however and there are many opinions. I have a customer that fishes the 9140-4 with a 9/10/11 WC and thinks that is the "cat's ass". A test drive on the water is the only sure way to see what "works best for you".
  20. thanks

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