FS/WTT Sage and Scott

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    I have a couple of rods that I am looking to move along. Please pm for pics and as always, I welcome trade offers also.

    Sage VXP 691-4. 6wt with fighting butt. Great shape. A few small marks here and there on the rod blank. Slight color on cork and te reel seat is perfect. Comes with sock and tube. $265 shipped

    Scott A4 908-4. 9' 8wt. Awesome shape. Only used for test casting. Perfect condition except for the slightest of cork coloring from castimg. Comes with sock and tube and even original mailing box from Scott. Pretty sure the warranty card is in it as well. $215 shipped.

    Both factory rods.
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    Hey spiny has the 6wt VXP been registered already?
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    Prices reduced