Sage and Simms at Costco?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Philster, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Jayme McCann

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    Costco is notorious for stocking items that they are NOT allowed to sell. They do this with Underarmour all the time. They purchase huge lots of items though other legitimate dealers, and receive the order in a back ally.... My Underarmour rep has personally went in there and purchased these items with his business Under armour Credit card to send to corporate. It then is out of the store. I know people who work at Costco that have told me this goes on all the time. Sad when it hurts the small local
  2. Jerry Daschofsky

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    Justin, just a word of warning. I'm seeing a political view coming from your posts. Skirting with board guidelines.
  3. Itchy Dog

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  4. Kim McDonald

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    Thanks for the link. The most interesting part of the link were the comments...everyone should read them/
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  6. Chloe's DAD

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    think about it costco is from redmond and sage from bainbridge island and we have coffee and beer or wine for the other types, how else do deals get done in washington
  7. Jimmy1

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    I see the Orvis store in NYC is selling Simms gear. Waders, vests, boots, etc....thought that a bit strange.
  8. Kirk Singleton

    Kirk Singleton Capt Kirk

    my money is that Lealand sold Costco all his simms inventory ;-)
  9. Philster

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    No doubt. I saw some of his poppers in the jewelry case...
  10. flybill

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    Were they the blinged out ones w/ spinners for eyes?
  11. fredaevans

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    Duplicate info.

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