Sage and Simms at Costco?

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  1. Some years back, one of my clients had succeeded in getting a 'let's try it' commitment from Costco to test market their flagship child travel safety product (a seat belt tensioner for child car seats). My client's first response was 'Whoopee!', quickly followed by 'Oh shit, now what?' when Costco told them the minimum they'd need was 5,000 units, which hadn't yet been manufactured.

    I'm not buying the companies' denials either. Quoth Shakespear: "The lady doth protest too much methinks."

  2. Intersting comments here. I blame Simms and Sage for this, having said that, it is their right to sell to anyone of their choosing. When distribution is regulated, it is regulated by the manufacturer in just about every case. It is very naive to think that Costco purchased from someone other than the factory.
    Sadly, I have seen the manufacturers of other items that were previously only sold in specialty stores, go to the big box stores with the same or "slightly modified" product only to realize what a huge mistake it was. The result was a pissed off distribution chain and some very agitated dealers. Ultimately, the manufacturer ended up out of business with pretty much no place to sell his goods.
    It is unlikley we will see these products in Wal-Mart and it is highly unlikley they will be in Costco for very long.
    Does it matter, should we care? Absolutely, support the local fly shop, they have the expertise, the most important commodity, knowledge, and they are doing the fishing community a service by being there. Every time some local shop closes up we lose an expert or a group of them. These guys work hard and are passionate about the sport, they love what they do and more often than not are a involved in the community promoting the sport and the steward ship of the resource.
    When the local guy is gone you get Cabela's and Wally World? Is that wat this will come to?
    No, not for me, this matters, it is a big deal, a very big deal.
    Support your local fly shop, forget Cabela's and Costco and reward the guy who helped you get where you are today.
    Just sayin'..
  3. Seems like 3 pages of speculation with zero substance. If I didn't already own too much gear this price point might be just enough to get me into their store.
  4. That look like speculation to you?
  5. Look at what happened to The North Face. They used to be the premier outdoor gear company and their products were the only ones going to the top of Everest. They were great. They kept weakening their brand and making the products worse until now when you can buy them anywhere but no one wants to. Others have stepped into their place to fill the need for high end performance based products.
  6. Bob Balder, I'm talking about speculation as to whether the companies did this knowingly. What their motivation is, etc. 46 posts with 15 different theories.
  7. +1 on that. 3 pages of typing just to type...If anyone gave half a pinch of shit they could call someone at any of the companies involved, or we could just continue to bitch and moan about how the evil Costco is going to run my local fly shop out of business with their offering of a whopping 2 products (that I wasn't going to buy anyway.)
  8. Does anyone ever feel bad about buying a tv at Costco rather than a smaller "authorized retailer" of the brand?
  9. I'm shocked, shocked that you could even think that any of us could be hypocritical!

    Support your local TV store! (That is, if you can even find one!)

  10. Let me add some to the conversation here, just having got off the phone with my local Simms representative. What's being sold at Costco was being done so without authorization from Simms - a distributor sold it to Costco without Simms' knowledge.

    That price tag you see for the waders - Simms is going into each store and buying them back at FULL RETAIL.

    It's unfortunate, but they're doing what they should to remedy the situation. As for Sage, I can't speak to that.

  11. I hope said distributor gets what's coming to them
  12. They do sell direct to the fly shops, in fact the incidence of high volume sales to any sort of wholesaler by Sage is next to nil.
  13. Thanks all for keeping this thread alive, if not I would have most likely missed out on my brand new "Kirkland" rod and waders.
    I didn't need a stuck-up sales rep to tell me what line to put on or which boots to buy either.......Just sayin'

  14. No such gear in the San Bernardino, Ca. Costco today.
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  16. I was under the impression that the area sales rep gets a cut on each rod sold, etc. Why does their need to be any 'layer' at all between the fly rod manufacturer and the fly shop. It's just a fly rod!
  17. Which shop?
  18. Reality isn't so cut and dry. One can still go down to Outdoor Emporium, a 'local' company that doesn't have knowledgable (fly) staff and doesn't pay/compensate their employees dick, and buy Simms for MSRP. Because Costco didn't honor MSRP they can no longer sell said items, even though they take care of their employees and offer them a liveable wage. In this situation who benefits from the protectionist measures?

    Not that ayone cares, but I'm not buying that in this economy someone just snuck a ton of product out of the warehouse without the manufacturers or reps knowing it happened.
  19. Reps do get paid by volume but they don't have unlimited access to product. They send in orders and the factory fills them. Sage has several different rods in given models and the retailer gets the opportunity to sample these before buying at the behest of the rep. At 8% per sale it's hardly worth changing the sales model, in fact an employee would probably cost more in wages and benefits and increase the sale price even more. Don't confuse the reps role as a wholesaler, that's not even close to accurate.
  20. So everyone's knickers are in a twist because Sage and Simms products were spotted at Costco. How different is that than being able to buy products from the same two manufacturers at Cabelas? Splitting hairs over the difference between Costco and Cabelas is kinda like insisting your teenage daughter is only a little bit pregnant.


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