Sage Graphite III 896 RPL (9'6'' 8 wt)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by IveofIone, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. IveofIone

    IveofIone Active Member

    Does anyone have an idea of what I should ask for this rod? I think I asked the question before and perhaps Kent answered but I can't find the post. The rod is in very good shape with a brand new top section that has never had a line through it. If you have some idea of what it is worth please let me know or make an offer. It has been standing in a corner for over 10 years and it is time for it to move on. Ive
  2. jessejames

    jessejames Flyslinger

    I will give you 40 bucks for it! And I will come and get it to save you the shipping!! Of course if I come and get it you have to feed some BBQ on that new grill and some of your soon to be famous Kletka Bakery Bread.
    Let me know I will be waiting you reply.::)
  3. yellowlab

    yellowlab Active Member

    What condition is it? 2 piece or multipiece,? original sock and tube? If so, whats the condition? I think somewhere in the $225-$300 range, depending on the condition. That is a good rod for salmon, steelheading. Good luck!
  4. Mike Wade

    Mike Wade Member

    I had one and lost the tip. It was a two piece and a great rod. When you decide on a price and post it I might consider it.
  5. IveofIone

    IveofIone Active Member

    Jesse, I'll sell you the rod sock for $40! And you bring the ribeyes!:D

    Yellowlab, the rod is in very good condition and has the original rod sock. And as I said the top section is brand new and has never been used.The only reason I don't say it is in excellent condition is because the wire hook holder is missing. This was my steelhead rod when I lived in SW Washington and one day when I was chasing a particularly violent hen downstream I got my hand over that wire and it cut me like a paring knife. That was the end of wire hook keepers on a big fish rod for me. Nowadays I prefer the nickel silver loops on a pin that stick into the cork handle. You will never get cut on those. Ive
  6. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    That's a great rod you're selling. I'm not sure about the $225+ pricerange. I've owned a few (including 2 that were stolen out of my truck during a trip). I don't think I've paid over $180 for them, including the sock/tube. I know the one I currently have I paid $150 for. I'd say it would go in the $150-200 catagory. Funny you talk about the tip, mine has a new tip as well. Broke mine on a steelhead several years ago (tapped the gunnel of my driftboat during a run) and had it replaced.

    I'd be interested in buying it for my wife (nice to have a matching pair again). Give me an idea what you think you want for it and we'll go from there.
  7. yellowlab

    yellowlab Active Member

    Still don't know if its a 2 piece or 4? I gave the range based on if its a 4 piece rod. Definitely much more desirable. I agree with Jerry, that if its a 2 piece, $200 would be fair. Good luck!
  8. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, all the ones I've bought were 2 piecers. In fact, the last one I've bought came off of here. I bought this one and an RPL 7100 for $280 (that was for both rods). Thankfully, the 7100 wasn't in the vehicle when it went (my favorite summerrun rod).