WTB Sage LL 389-3

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  1. Looking for a Sage LL 389-3. Let me know if you have one collecting dust.
  2. Weekend bump. I'm also looking for the 389-4 LL Classic Series...
  3. I have a 389-4LL Classic #421 that I purchased new and have never fished. Put it together a couple times and wiggled it. Not sure I will want to part with it, but maybe if the right offer came along I may be tempted. Shoot me a PM with a reasonable offer and we can go from there.
  4. I have a 490-3 LL that I use some...Excellent condition. PM me if you are interested as I MIGHT be willing to part with it
  5. Make sure you'll specify that your 389-3 is constructed from the Graphite III version, as the GII version rods cannot have a replacement section done by Sage. Sage still has some GIII left in case you break a tip, etc. Good luck w/ your search. You will cherish the 389 once you find one. I bought a couple of them recently.
  6. I would also be interested in the Sage LL GIII 389 in a 2 piece! Thanks
  7. There are 2 on E-bay right now, a 4 pc and 2 pc
  8. Keep looking up on EBay. I just bought one last night. Looking forward to getting it in the next couple of days and kicking the tires on it soon :)

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  9. If you do break a Graphite 2 rod Sage replaces it with a current modulus graphite. There's an extra cost as the lower section(s) are also needed.
  10. It appears 389's are coming up regularly on ebay.

    Hopefully you can grab one of them.

    I got a GII 379 awhile back. I notice they have a different reel seat than the GIII's.
  11. Thanks for all the help/advice guys! Does anyone know difference in action from GII vs GIII? Also which one is more sought after in terms of collectability? Any LL experts on here? Thanks again!
  12. I have several of the LL series rods and the graphite III is more desirable. There will be a few folks who would say that a graphite II 389 has a more bamboo like feel and a bamboo collector would probably prefer the bit slower action of the graphite II. I would stay with a graphite III and you'll find most folks will want that series down the road if you resell it. If you do own and break a section on a graphite II, Sage will replace it with a newly built graphite III. I had this happen with a 389 GII and for a $185 upcharge they built me a new graphite III. They also have a spare tip program...great idea if you intend to fish and keep your LL's. I sent in a 389, 4711 and a 490 for spare tips and I think I paid around $150 each for new factory (exact match color) tips. I will be sending a 586 in shortly. The LL's are my favorite series of Sage rods. You'll love yours when you find one.
  13. I have a friend's 379LL GII in my garage right now. I spent a day with it last year with it during week on Kelly Creek and it made an indelible impression.

    (For the record I fish bamboo regularly and the LL was the only graphite rod I fished during that week in Idaho. My impression then was that it was a slightly faster version of the Leonard Duracane, Thomas & Thomas Special Trouter, Monsos Convex and Orvis Flea cane rods I had also brought. I didn't need to make major changes in my timing to compensate for it's action.)

    Although I came home with a very positive impression of the LL, with literally a dozen and a half cane rods in my closet, I didn't feel a compelling need to track down a LL to add to my arsenal. But with all the talk about the Redington CTs last fall when they were on closeout, I ended up pulling the trigger on a 6-piece 3wt for $120 for backpacking trips. I find the CT to be quite similar to the LL but the question for me though is just HOW similar the two rods are. I imposed on my friend again to borrow his LL with the aim of casting it side by side with the CT.

    Sadly life keeps getting in the way and at the rate I'm going, it'll be a couple more months before I get them both strung up and cast. When I do I'll recruit a couple other friends to join me and post a report wiht all our impressions.

  14. I'll gladly dispose of those pesky LL GII's for those who find them not to their liking....
  15. Any LL is a good LL...be it graphite II or III.
  16. I actually prefer the graphite lll LL's myself however, you asked about collectability and there is no question that the graphite ll is a more collectable rod. When these rods were in production the graphite ll rods were known as the BEST spring creek rods on the market. To LL collectors, that has not changed... However, trying to find a really nice condition graphite ll is next to impossible (which is why they have become so desireable). While it is true that getting a graphite ll rod repaired is next to impossible (Sage was touting that a year ago) that too has added to its collectability. I prefer the slightly faster action of the graphite lll but as others have stated, any LL is a great LL.

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