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    June 13, 2013 (Bainbridge Island, Wash.) – This summer, fly fishing industry leader, Sage Manufacturing announces the release of its 2014 premier collection of high performance rods called the METHOD series. These ultra-fast fly rods use Sage’s proprietary Konnetic technology. The METHOD delivers high line speeds and tight loops for extreme distance and wind-cutting casts all while maintaining critical accuracy and feel.

    “Being able to offer fly rods that perform to the expectations of the most demanding anglers in any casting situation is the main reason behind designing the METHOD. Sage’s DNA is synonymous with fast-action rods, and through Konnetic technology, we’ve taken seriously smooth, ultra-fast action performance to a new place entirely,” comments Sage Chief Rod Designer, Jerry Siem. “Our newest high performance rods will make any caster better but will help experienced casters notch exceptional casts with regularity.”

    The magma red colored shaft of the METHOD is complemented by rust colored primary thread wraps and pewter trim wraps. Fuji ceramic stripping guides and robust guide sets round out the features of this high-end rod series. The rods come in a black rod sock with a red silk-screen and are protected in a fusion red powder-coated rod tube with a silver colored medallion and gloss black end caps.

    “Overall, the fast action ONE rod is still and will continue to be our flagship series for a wider range of anglers,” notes Sage Marketing Manager, Eric Gewiss. “The METHOD series makes it possible to take casting abilities to whole new level. It performs quickly and accurately close-in, but if anglers are looking for an ultra-fast action rod that is lightweight, exceptionally smooth yet has the extra punch for farther casts and windy conditions, this rod is for you.”

    Twelve single-hand models will be available in 4-6 weights for freshwater with a cocobolo wood insert and black reel seat components paired with a snub-nose, half-wells grip. The saltwater capable 6-11 weights feature a black aluminum reel seat and a full wells handle and fighting butt. Nine Spey and switch models feature a high-grade cork fore and rear grip. The METHOD rods will range in price from $800-$1,050 and will be available August 1, 2013. Blanks will also be available for each model.

    About Konnetic™ Technology:

    Konnetic technology, the most recent and significant evolution in fly rod innovation, uses new materials combined with pioneering manufacturing methods and processes. This technology incorporates an optimized ratio of Sage’s proprietary resin to exclusive high modulus aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

    The latest construction methods include Sage’s Advanced Modulus Positioning System (AMPS); a process that precisely aligns and positions carbon fiber materials to exacting tolerances for the greatest blank strength delivering extremely efficient energy transfer throughout the shaft. Using Sage’s High Compression Molding process, carbon fibers are compacted for optimum density and precise alignment while simultaneously fusing the 50% lighter all-carbon fiber inner core.
  2. Saw that on their FB today. I'd imagine its a great rod but it's a little out of my budget.
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    Ahhh, the wonders of AMPS. Who among us hasn't been on the water and thought to oneself, "If only my rod had Konnetic technology, and utilized High Compression Molding Process, thus allowing the carbon fibers to be compacted for optimum density, not to mention precise alignment thereby simultaneously fusing the 50% lighter all-carbon fiber inner core? An optimized ratio of proprietary resin to exclusive, high-modulus aerospace-grade carbon fibers would certainly do the trick..."

    Again, who hasn't said those very words, I ask you!

    Great rods I'm sure, it's just hard not to chuckle at some of it. This kind of technical advertising never ceases to make me roll my eyes, just a bit.


  4. That pretty much sums it up. Probably a great rod and I guess they've got to market it somehow. When I'm out on the water none of that technical babble even crosses my mind and I'm sure most of it goes over most anglers heads anyhow.
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    It must be tough to re-invent the wheel every year.
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    If the rod cast so nicely that you were just enjoying your fishing and not even thinking about how the rod was made I suspect that they would consider that a success.
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    I agree. Advertising's gotta be a nerve-wracking job.
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    And.... I can't wait to "NOTCH exceptional casts regularly"!!!!! Yahoooooooo! Ha!
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    I guess that you just have to hold the rod and it does all the work for you.
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    If you have one of these new rods, you have to hide behind the trees so the fish don't just jump right on.;) They will definitely put all of the casting instructors out of business.
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    My head hurts .
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    Yeah that ad is all wrong. Try this...

    "Hey buddy you like fast rods? Check this new juice from Sage. We call it the METHOD. Orvis Helios II? Noodle. Deathstar? Noodle. Faster than a tweaker jacking the change and stereo from your ride while your fishing the Sky. Thats how fast this is bro. FAST."

    Fo Shizzle.
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    Experienced caster??? Is that one who casts a lot or knows what he's doing?
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    I am sure there are rods that cost less than half the price point this rod will have and be just as nice and catch fish all the same. The issue with fly fishing or fishing in general is you can have the most expensive rod/reel in the world and you cast in a hole with no fish you get no fish. On the other hand if you cast in a hole with lots of fish can you have a $200 rod you will catch fish......The gear is just a small part of the equation. No doubt Sage makes nice stuff but their Marketing has gone off the deep end.
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    Well I guess the "ONE" rod scored so low on the shoot-out that they needed a new rod to keep up with all the other companies "FAST RODS" They are lucky all the prier shoot-outs they used a 6.5 mid flex orvis Helio's
    (to compare to all the other companies fast - tip flex rods) if they would of used the tip flex Helio's in the other shoot-outs the same results would of happened!

    Seems strange that they would come out so soon with a new "better" model so soon after the "ONE" rod. It seems the"ONE" rod was not that well received by the consumers although, I thought it was nice that the reviews on the "ONE" rod said it cast nice in close, or at least nicer than other super fast rods telling me it might be a better "FISHING ROD" than "CASTING ROD"

    It will be interesting to read the reviews on the new model. Will it be a 110 ft. bomber and worthless at 30 and 40 ft. ? seems those are the rods that score real high in most shoot-outs! Well except the last shoot-out where they loved the Tom Morgan favorite with the testers name on it! It seems they finally gave a good review on a "FISHING ROD" instead of just a "CASTING ROD" in the last shoot-out. of course =

    "just in my opinion"
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    Here at Sage we cant really get much more out of the art and science of making fly rods. We reached the limits of technology years agos and have been changing the recipe just to keep the droolers and gear whores happy. The top end rods of the past 20 years have all been the same. Here at Sage we have an image to maintain and all the other companies are doing it too. We cant come out and say, 'Hey, it the same old song and dance' thats not our job in marketing and advertising, we need to appear updated and on top of the game... its a dog eat dog world and we are all wearing milk bone underwear. ;)
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  18. Porter

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    And they have the new 'Motive' rod also....2nd tier saltwater rod I think


  19. Porter

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    No matter how they tempt me I am still sticking to my XP...;)
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    I'm just getting back into the game after being away from fly fishing for years, so this huge marketing push for fast and even "super" fast action rods was a bit of a shock for me. When I did most of my fishing I don't even recall noticing this segment of the market. Being able to cast into the next county wasn't exactly considered a good thing lol. Sage makes great stuff though. But I think I'll stick with my IM6.