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  1. heard back from sage, and the method will be replacing the tcx line.
  2. TCX Closeout sales have already started.
  3. where are you seeing these deals?
  4. Do they come with a flat brim hat and a buff?
  5. I will be wearing a flat brimmed hat, buff, sling pack with my Abel hemostats and nippers hanging from my neck while fishing my Sage Method, Sage Circa and Sage One! This is by no means a joke either ask anyone I fish with!
  6. lol

    Stonefish, ever cast a TCX while baked on THC?

    Slows the rod speed to where your waiting, waiting & waiting to get on up for the down-stroke
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  7. Never cast a TCX Chromer, only a TCR. It didn't agree with me.
    Whiskey is my poison these days, but you knew that.
    Fishing has been good. I got over 60 bites on this thread....;)

    I'm just glad we have a great company like Sage in our backyard that offers a wide variety of sticks to meet nearly everyone's needs.
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  8. Love "Sage"

  9. You do have google or bing? If so imagine what to put in the box.....'Sage TCX closeout sale" or something of that wording...and yeah...the fly shops/retailers appear...if not for you then you are doing something wrong....One fly shop has them 275.00- 300.00 discounted. As usual the discount will increase over time in the majority of retailers....the popular ones will sell out then those less popular will be 40-50 percent discounted. You find what you want at 30-35 percent off then probably a decent grab.
  10. All that shit is meaningless if you have to work overtime to pay for this modern marvel, I'll stick with my outdated gear and go fishing
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  11. how different is the TCX from the TCR?I hated the TCR
  12. Will there be PBR tallboys in said pack?
  13. holy fuck....dont by one. By damn, DONT BY ONE. Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. It's a fly rod, buy what suits you, disregard the rest. go fish, catch fish....repeat as much as possible.
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  14. Ask Derek! I drink PBR occasionally while fishing but prefer tecate!
  15. I heard if you drink tecate in AZ you need to carry your passport.

  16. Having the right lines for these rods are key. Basically they are heavy shooting head launchers and/or need 70 feet of line out to feel the rod....or upline to slow the action of the rod down and feel the load...but then you don't buy these rods to slow them down ;)
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