Sage motive vs XI3 caster review

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  1. Looking for new 10 and 12 wt rods before I head to Belize and out to blue water for pelagics

    Cast both the motive and the XI3 today at my LFS, and wanted to throw out a review.
    1- sticker shock- the motive comes in at $425 while the XI3 is $725.... Already score one for the motive
    2- cast the motive first... Right away throwing tight loops 80ft out on the lawn in front of so cal flyfishers. Didn't ask what line was throwing- but a standard 10wt WFF. Rod loaded nicely!! Easy to roll cast, shot line like it was made for it. 1 back cast and 80ft was no problem. Had I had more back cast room I'd have shot the whole line
    Both rods weigh close to the same - 4 3/8 oz XI3 4 7/8 oz motive.
    Honestly I couldn't tell the difference in wt once I switched to the Xi3
    The Xi3 is a stiffer, faster action rod. Wouldn't roll cast the 10wt line for shit. Felt like it needed an 11wt line.
    Still rocketed 80ft casts, but needed more line out to load the rod. Again, limited back casting room meant 80ft is about maxed out for my casting distance. With an 11wt line I could have easily shot the whole line with the back cast room I had. A line like the outbound short would likely be a great line in the same wt as the rod.

    More delicate loops and delivery with the motive- otherwise both rods are quite comparable despite the HUGE price difference. This is a big deal for me as this will be my permit rod. Didn't get a chance to toss any heavy crab flies with either rod, unfortunately.

    I'll be purchasing the motive next week. Can't wait to balance it with a Nautilus CCF 10 and put the hurting on some permit.

    If I was primarily fishing the beach for roosters, or throwing poppers for tarpon I think I'd get the XI3 and overload it or use the outbound short.
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  2. Thanks for this and I'll definitely benefit from this as I'm going to some Caribbean islands this year
  3. Interesting. Nice for you to compare and develop your own opinions. Did you think of trying the One or Method while you were at it? Curious is the Motive made with their new konnectic technology or is it a G5 build?
  4. I thought it is G5 but I'm not completely sure.
  5. Well, I'm looking for rods built for corrosion resistance- pure saltwater use only- so I really only looked at the motive and the Xi3. They had the other rods there as well... I'll likely give them a test cast when I go back next week.
    Wish I could have cast an Xi2 also... But alas, discontinued... Yet very cheap on eBay.

    I'm not sure Im so sold on the hyper fast action. I still fish my RPL+ 8wt as my exclusive single hand steelhead rod, and have caught plenty of bonefish, permit, small trevally and baby tarpon on it, and love the way it casts. Yeah stiff rods overloaded feel like rocket launchers, but I think you are substituting technique for rod load

  6. Yeah..... Xi2 vs. Motive would be an interesting match-up. Let us know your next findings/opinions please.
  7. Wish I could get ahold of an Xi2 to test cast without having to buy

  8. Yeah, understood. Still think it would be a good comparison in study. Especially when the Xi2 has better components and can be had for significantly less than a Motive, which is the main point here. I think the Xi2 has better strippers and guides, not sure about reel seats...I have not seen the Motives but Xi2 has a nice one.
  9. I bought an xi2 on Ebay a couple years ago (8wt for bonefish) and I have been very happy with it. I think if you can get one cheap, you won't be disappointed. Rick
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  10. I have 3 XI-2 rods. It funny but these are the only rods I don't fish with heavier lines the the rod weight. A WF8 rio outbound short with a 30 foot head cast very nicely on my 8wt XI-2 as well as my 9wt. Too bad we are not closer to each other I would let you try my 10 wt.
  11. Good to know! Thank you

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