SAGE ONE 6-Piece Spey Rod Review?

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  1. Hi, I'm currently using the Sage ONE 8136-4 and love the casting action, but air-line travel with a 4-piece spey is inconvenient to say the least. Does anyone have experience with the 6-piece 7136-6 or the 9140-6 ? Are the casting action similar to the 4-piece? I need to take an international flight to any salmon/steelhead waters and the ability to bring the rod on board as a carry on is a big plus. Thanks in advance.
  2. I carried a 13' 4 piece spey with no troubles this past October on the plane

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  3. Hi Rick, The airlines in US and Canada are generally ok for over size sporting equipment. However, I live in Singapore and need multiple international transits. All the airlines impose a limit on carry-ons unfortunately... I generally am able to bring my 27 inch rod case on board. But they had said no to my 4-piece Spey rod so far...
  4. Just because they allow you to carry your 13' 4 piece on one flight doesn't mean they'll allow it on the next. The rules are enforced pretty random so I can see the need to go with a 6 piece. Good luck!
  5. I'd be curious to read a review of a 6pc spey as well.
  6. Pulled the trigger on the 7136-6 and received it in the mail last weekend. After a few casting sessions with it, the rod is indeed as responsive and lively as advertised. It is actually much more enjoyable and crispier to cast as compared to the 8136-4. Thanks for the advise! The bad news is that now, I'm also tempted by the 9140-6....

    I waxed the ferrules well to make sure they don't come apart. Does anyone uses tapes for the ferrules? If so, which type? Does the normal electrical tape work well?

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  7. That is really pretty cool. I hope we see a few more 6pc two handers at more varied price points.

  8. Wait... you're telling us that a 6 piece is actually BETTER than the 4 you had??? This goes against everything I've heard, in fact I've bought 2 piece rods in the past because of this.
  9. Eh, different strokes for different folks. I have a 6pc single hand that I like better than the 4pc. It all depends on what you are looking for. Having more sections isn't going to by default make a rod "worse" than a version with fewer sections. It will, however, make it different. Which is something you are going to either like or hate.
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  10. Dloopy, My comparison was between the 7136-6 (7wt 6-piece) and the 8136-4 (8wt 4 piece) casting different line weight; 550gr for the 7wt and 575gr for the 8wt. It may not be a fair apple to apple comparison but indeed, I found the 7wt 6 piece to have a livelier and crispier casting action. Even more surprising was that I was also getting better distance and accuracy on the 7wt, casting the same 12.5ft of T11 tip with the same fly and the same slick-shooter running line. There could be a spectrum of factors for this given that the taper and line weight for the 2 rods are different, but the fact remains that the 6-piece performed better for me in distance and accuracy.
  11. Air transportation can be a total coin flip for rods from many, many threads I've read. The best answer, if possible, is just to 'ship' your equipment to where you're going. As long as one on the other end expects same you could save yourself a heck of a lot of 'hassle?' I've had rods shiped to me from the UK and never a miss just using regular mail. Going back the other way ... again, never a miss. Transit time? Every one (save two-they took 10) took 7 working days going half way around the World.
  12. It sounds like the extra joints must also give it some additional backbone. It would be interesting to compare the same
    model in 4 and 6 piece side by side.
    As far as tape, I use 1/2" Scotch color coding electrical tape. It's good quality and I like the narrower width.
    In the beginning I wasn't very religious about it but having a section walk up and breaking a rod made me a bit more
    diligent. I still get lazy from time to time but pay alot more attention to the sections.
    Compared to a single hander, the additional rod length and the mechanics of various spey casts create alot more
    torque and twist especially if you flail like I do.:rolleyes:
    As Josh mentioned it will be interesting to see if other manufacturers follow suit.
    I've still got a couple of 3 pc. Winston single handers that were the deal for travel back in the day.
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