FS Sage ONE 690-4

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  1. Used once, so as you would expect the rod is in new condition. Rod tube has a couple scuffs from being in the back of my truck. Includes blank warranty card. No trades, unless you have a Z-Axis 490-4 in excellent condition, then we can talk. $485 (firm) includes shipping to con US. SageONE_1.JPG SageONE_2.JPG
  2. I thought you had a 490 ZAxis...I think you need a 690 ZAxis;)
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  3. Or a 390 z-axis...
  4. Large Albacore, you are correct—I do have a 490 Z-Axis, and I love it so much I think I should have a back-up in case someone with an oversized wading boot someday steps on it. I am not attached to any of my rods but that one. I also have a 690 Z-Axis.

    Frenchie, I've never cast the 3wt. That's a weight I don't use much—I have a Circa in that weight and like the slower action, but it sees comparatively little action. Don't try to talk me into something I don't need ;)
  5. Just curious about what's wrong with the Sage One compared to a Z-Axis?

  6. Nothing's wrong with the The One—it's a very smooth, powerful rod. I just prefer the feel of the Z-Axis a bit better. Your mileage may vary.
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  7. Itchy, I think you might have a problem. I'm not sure but I don't know of any person who needs two, or more of the same exact rod. Maybe if you guide a lot but other than that......... You are a tad warped of the mind, eh? :p

    Curious what line you throw on that 6 weight 'One' ?
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  8. ...said the pot as it called the kettle black!

    I may have issues. I can't remember for sure what line is on my 6wt reel (I only have one reel for all my 6 weights). Pretty sure it's an Airflo Ridge.
  9. I have a 690-4 One and love the Rio Coldwater Outbound Short lines (WF6F and WF6I). I also recently strung it up with the Airflo nymphing line and that casts great as well.
  10. I.Dog, you will love the new Sage Access Accel. I received the 8'6" 4-wt yesterday and I am already in love. The action feels a LOT like the Z-axis with a little better casting range and accuracy. I am thinking of ditching one of the ONEs as well now.
  11. Dan, as a thankful recipient of past "lightly used but loved" gear, may I suggest a new home for a One? :) Kirk won't gimme his...
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  12. Dan, I don't want to like a brand new rod--they cost more that old rods :)
    Can't find any info anywhere about the Sage Access...did you get an advanced preview model?
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  13. Derek, I'll put you at the top of the list if I decide to move a ONE – I do have an abundance of 5 weights but I might have to keep that stick solely to fight the upper Canyon winds!

    Kirk, sorry about that. The test rod I have is the Accel not Access —my typing speed exceeds my mental speed sometimes. The Accel goes on sale sometime in Aug. at a mere $595. http://www.pitchengine.com/pitches/5daeb0cc-ebd3-439e-923f-7aa9fd18d4e3

    Sage  002.jpg
  14. Ah, the Accel. I guess that makes sense since Orvis has an Access. Thanks, Dan. Maybe I can request a demo rod to test out!
  15. This has been sold, but I'll leave the ad up for a while just to confuse people.
  16. I will trade you a 896-4 XP and a 691-4 XP plus a Galvan T-6 Clear fly reel with a SA SH taper 6WF taper line and all are in excellent used condition for that rod plus $100.00 cash if you need. ...Oh wait, gosh darn....I'm to late :mad: Geez, never mind.
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  17. Yes ....I'm kidding...stop the PM's
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  18. The gov't is watching you closely, Porter. Anyone who bogarts the XP as you do is suspect.
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  19. bogart.....like the word, not used much these days.

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