FS Sage ONE 690-4

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Itchy Dog, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. i give sweet back masssssssssages
  2. It's coming back in fashion now that weed is legal.
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  3. I'm sure this is good information to have, somehow.
  4. Bump. Rod is still sold.
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  5. Is the weed sold too?
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  6. Pretty sure, based on his comment earlier, that Mills is bogartin' it.

  7. PM not sent on rod.
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  8. I haven't not seen the PM yet. Please try not sending again.
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  9. Mr. Itchy, while I am not particularly interested, any chance you are interested in not trading something for the rod?

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  10. I wouldn't be able to confirm or deny that I may or may not be disinterested.
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  11. 2nd in line for yet to be determined (non)trade.

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  12. Thanks for getting back to me, but I'm probably not going to let you know what I decide.

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  13. Pretend it is the year 2017....

    Is this rod still not available?
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  14. Pretend it is year 2017....

    Do you realize you didn't just bring up a 3 year old thread?
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  15. Hey..Hey... MarkY3130 ...you do know there is a three post requirement of other offerings and trade requests before someone finally says ...do you know that this is a 3 year old post......You stepped out of line bud! :p
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  16. Would you ship it to Australia were it still for sale ?
  17. I likely would be disinclined not to, unless we were talking Canadian currency, which of course we are not. Right?
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  18. Bugger, once again in this life I'm not missing out on a rod no longer for sale because I have no Canadian currency..:confused:

    I wonder will some beers help me feel better ?

  19. No PM has not been resent. Please don't disregard previous unsent PM.
  20. Due to a considerable amount of a lack of disinterest in this not unsold rod, I'm disinclined to not remove the listing.
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