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  1. hey have sage one rods for $469 at Costco they look like fantastic rods. Just thought it would interest you guys.
  2. You know how many TFO rods I can buy for that amount of money. About three.
  3. That's bullshit! Just saying!
  4. What Costco stores. That really sucks for shops trying to sell them for $750.
  5. You could also feed a lot of hungry people in Africa for the cost of those rods, reels and lines. It's all about perspective.
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  6. I think the high prices that are charged for rods made in America are out of site. The American worker has just about out priced his self. The rods might be nice rods but most people get by on the cheaper rods.

    The most I ever paid for a rod was $210.00 and this rod just sits as I use a $149.00 rod in it's place.
  7. Okay OLD MAN I get your point but does that justify Costco putting your local fly shop out of business because they are undercutting the independently owned fly shops by just over 300$. And even if the rod is overpriced for you. It's the only rod my shop sells. So your preference is not considered the norm per my standards. I'm not trying to argue with you, however if you don't want to buy a 700$ rod that's fine, it doesn't mean that your local shop should have to compete with Costco!
  8. I can't believe Sage is enabling this. It is one thing to revive discontinued models and series, but this directly puts Costco head to head with the The Fly Shop that has to sell at a far less attractive price. We are not talking a few bucks. We are talking a huge difference of costs. An unfair competitive advantage to the BIG GUYS. Seems like fly shops would have to consider other rod companies because they've been bulk lriced out of the game if this is true.
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  9. Um, yeah, this is complete bullshit... F... F... F!!!!
  10. Bullshit from a Scottsdale AZ fly shop!
  11. If I had a fly shop I wouldn't carry Sage rods because I couldn't compete. Let the costco's have 'em, see how good that works for them. There are plenty of rods as good or better out there....I'd carry those other rods.
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  12. Has this even been verified?
  13. See how helpful a Costco employee is when you need advice about a local stream, fly choice, line setup, etc. Support your local store!! We cannot support the small fly shop owner enough. Incidentally, my Echo Carbon does a great job presenting flies. Not sure why I'd for out 3-4X the cost for something that does the same job. Isn't this sport expensive enough without buying into the hype?
  14. The only rod?
  15. No shit the only rod. We carry Winston, GLoomis and Redington and the only one that sells is the ONE! Since may we have sold probably 30 sage ones!
  16. How the heck is Costco able to get away with this. I thought that Sage control's the pricing on there products. If Costco can do it what is stopping Cabelas, and Basspro from doing it too? Something is not right here. I call bullshit on this.
  17. Talk to the maker of these rods. They control the pricing. My closest big box store is Walmart and they are 65 miles away. My closest Costco is about 120 miles away. I go to Walmart just about every other month. To buy what I need that fly shops don't sell. I haven't been to Costco in two years. I buy all my fly shit at Frontier Anglers here in Dillon.

    Even If I could afford a $700.00 rod, I still wouldn't buy one.
  18. As the linked older thread above explains, Costco regularly intercepts products of all kinds from distribution channels and sells them. It's legal, but remember that if you buy a Sage One from Costco, you will not get warranty coverage.

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