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  1. Hey guys, haven't you heard, Costco is the cool store and Wal-Mart is the bad store. Our city in Bellingham just bought 10 acres for waste water mitigation to help the local Costco store move its location to increase the store size. This thing is so ripe with political favoritism that it stinks. Sage may make some decent rods but they are off my list of approved vendors until they make the same deals with the fly shops. That goes for the other big names too. Apparently these fly gear suppliers don't know who butters their bread!
  2. Before you all go dogging on Sage you should call them and get the facts.
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  3. Agree....this still has yet to be confirmed to any location

  4. You're a bit off here. Look up diversionary shipping tactics and you'll find a picture of Costco
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  6. Sage sure gets a lot of press from these threads... did you guys know they're now selling Winston rods at Safeway for $299.00 :)
  7. I'm sensing an Occupy Costco movement brewing here... if it comes with a 1/2 price annual membership and a free slice of pizza, I'm in. ;)
  8. If you all want a good laugh, I guess you can read all this bullshit on where a rod gets to be sold at. If all of you that fly fish are tired of the rod you use now, by all means go get the cheaper Sage. Me, I could care less about Sage fly rods.

    I have a Sage and a GLoomis. While they are nice rods, I can do just as well fishing with a TFO rod. My Sage and GLoomis are not top of the line rods but they do work. Besides owning a Sage rod is just for the benefit of one saying they use a Sage rod. I catch just as many fish with what I use.
  9. I was at the Costco on Aurora north of Seattle yesterday. Did not see any fly rods for sale, Sage or G. Loomis.

  10. This is like a guy jumping on a BMW forum and saying..... ahhhhhhh BMW's are STOOOOPID..... only a dumbass would pay the money for a BMW when my Ford Escort does the trick. I can chase tail and scream around the corners in my Ford Escort, there's no reason to ever even need a BMW.

    Look, prices haven't even increased that much based on inflation. I've got news for you, candy bars cost more than .25 now. People do more than sit in a field and look at the sun for fun... Sorry if it "casts too fast.... don't like the color.... line weight's wrong... 75 of them might be selling at costcoS...baaaaahhhh".

    Some people like high quality expensive products made in America.... no.... made in Washington State.... and are willing to pay a premium for them.

    That's the way it is and we like it!
  11. Capitalism.

  12. Sorry. They STILL aren't worth over $469.:p:D
  13. Yep. Without it, they can set whatever price they want. With capitalism, we have good 'ol competition, and that's good for the consumer.
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  14. And without it we might all be fishing with a standard government issued 5 weight... the "Comrade One" ;)
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  15. I saw the rods at the Costco in woodenville
  16. I think we should all go to the Costco that has them. Give them the wiggle test tell they break. Then tell them to just send it in for a free repair. ;-)

    I like the Costco business plan for the most part. They pay their employees a fair wage. Offer healthcare and more. You can't say that about the other big box stores. But this business of undercutting a price controlled product is just wrong.
  17. That's the part I (we) have a problem with as well. If Costco can sell it at that price, then let the pro shops too.
  18. They can't. They buy directly from sage and have to sell at set retail, or they lose their distribution from them. Costco doesn't, and basically they cheat, it's simple really. If it was so simple don't you think costco would be selling these products all the time? Don't you think the fly shops would be too? How would like to make a product where you tell your vendors they must sell it for $ XX and then you ship some inventory out and it is intercepted and sold for 45% less than what you tell your vendors...vendors get pissed because they are keeping inventory now they can't sell because of this new scam (yeah that is what it is). Vendors lose trust in you. Your vendors are the bloodline of what sell your products to the public via casting clinics, casting lessons, guided trips, etc. If the vendors in the field are not carrying your product you are basically dead in the water. Does Costco offer casting clinics, demo days, lessons, etc? NO. For Costco it's a legal avenue exploited at this time but it is breaking the spirit of the laws or manipulating them, or however you want to say it...and costco to do that to a well known local wa company is even worse. When you look at this situation or any like it everyone must remember who does it benefit it the long run...and the answer is always the top 2 percent.....of which I'm sure no one on this forum belongs to, I think. The Long Run?....The top two percent have so many of us caught up in getting the best deal at the time, and being negative about what soemone else makes for doing this and that ....they know they are quickly getting us all under their thumb...and we keep crawling with glee in place to be squished under that thumb. Long Run projections..not good, everyone here should be saying F*&K you Costco! and not purchase sage from them...or g.loomis/simms/ etc. (IMHO)
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  19. I think Costco is saying that Sage's business model of setting fixed retail prices is wrong. It seems like there used to be federal laws prohibiting that. And there's nothing particularly fair about Sage's business model for vendors, since large vendors that blow through lots of inventory get a lower wholesale price than do small shops that order one or two rods at a time, giving the larger stores a bigger mark up, according to previous threads on these topics. It could be that there are no "good guys" in this story, although the small shops appear to come closest to that role.

    I like Costco, but I wouldn't go there to buy a fly rod.

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  20. I may mosey over to the local Costco pro shop for a rod. I hope they have a selection of lines for me to pick thru.

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