Sage One at costco...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by WA-Fly, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Flyborg

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    Who? ;)
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  2. Old Man

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    This is not what I asked for. You skirted around what I asked about. I was just curious what it took to make a high end fly rod.

    I don't support the big box stores. I do all my fly gear shopping at my local fly shop. The places like Costco and Walmart are to far away for me to shop. I only go when I need something the local stores don't have.
  3. Porter

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    Several of your replies led me to believe you could care less about this or about sage, maybe I read them wrong, if so I apologize.....because of sage and a few other high end rod making companies is why you get decent quality cheap ass fly rods.....(IMHO)
  4. Anil

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    When I last toured the Sage factory, it took 17 different American workers to build EACH fly rod. They of course employ many more, but each fly rod had to have that many different workers do something different to it before it left the factory. This was just manufacturing, not distribution or sales. That is one of the reasons they cost what they do.
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  5. Old Man

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    Thank you. No wonder they cost so much. American workers don't come cheap.

    I'm not against any rod manufactures. I usually buy what my wallet can stand. I'm retired and on a fixed income. So spending big bucks for any rod is out the window. What I do have I use the hell out of. And I'm happy with what I use. I have a GLoomis and a Sage. While they are not the top of the line they do what I ask of them. So I'm still happy. I traded for the Sage and the GLoomis I bought when I was working.

    Happy as a clam here in Montana.
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  6. Ryan Logsdon

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    I love my Sage One, I bought it from a local flyshop for full price. I saw these in Spokane in April:

    My Dad and I bought all 3 they had (some family members getting good xmas gifts this year), the guy at the counter had no idea where they came from or how they got them.
  7. Dipnet

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    Yeah, and he probably said, "Sage? Isn't that some sorta spice or something???"
  8. Porter

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    Or ......he might have suggested a near place to buy some worms to use with the new poles.
  9. Dipnet

    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    "Sage One? Oh yeah, that's a single worm rod!"

    "But don't you wanna get into this Two series rod made by Zebco??"

  10. bigdood

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    You guys looking to adopt?
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