SAGE Online Warranty process very buggy

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by mbowers, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. PT

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    The so called screwing may be nothing other than a mistake. That does happen. Their warranty on blanks makes perfect sense to me. They'll cover the blank and you have it wrapped. Is there another way to look at it?
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  2. Dan Nelson

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    About all I can add is this: I am VERY pleased to learn that you reside in Florida rather than BC. That puts you a full continent away from my favorite waters so the chance of running into you on a river is slim to none. I really prefer to share the water with reasonable, rational anglers. You seem to be neither.
  3. Irafly

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    Ok, this is how I see it after actually reading the whole process from here to the end. mbowers ask a question in his post and he also complimented the rod. Then some people immediately jumped on him for bringing up his question on an internet forum. Then when he continues to stay rational throughout the whole process and explains clearly the situation and his reason for the post, two members make it clear that they feel he is not even worthy to fish with.

    So Jmills81, remind me not to fish with you, if given the chance, if you get this bent out of shape over someone who posted a question on an internet forum. Unless of course you have access to some sweet water, then scratch that.

    And Dan, I really don't see where mbowers has been unreasonable or irrational. I do see where you have inferred and made assumptions of his behavior in what I would consider to be an irrational unreasonable way. I'd be ok fishing with you though Dan, because unreasonable fisherman tend to not catch as many fish, which leaves more for me.

    mbowers, any time anywhere for anything, lets fish.
  4. Dan Nelson

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    Really? He opens by saying, " I think SAGE just stole $15 from me! " HE goes on to say he wants Sage to redesign their website to meet his very niche requirement, and he wants them to work weekends and holidays to address his demands for instant gratification. That's not unreasonable?

    I have no connection with Sage -- just an affinity for local and small businesses and a belief that customers bear some responsible in maintaining quality customer service. The original poster aired his complaints here without ever giving sage a REASONABLE chance to respond (i.e. reasonable meaning during normal business hours rather than during weekends and holidays). With that in mind, I again maintain that the OP has been both unreasonable and irrational.

    Further, I'd suggest that anyone who has a complaint about an business or individual should man-up and ditch their screen name. Got a complaint? Be courageous -- and courteous -- enough to attach your own name to it!
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  5. Irafly

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    He makes the "stole" comment after explaining his situation and he says it as a question and as an opinion thus, the "I think..."

    Yes he thinks that Sage should look into changing their web layout, but to be honest, I think your the one who continues to push the concept and is trying to make more out of it than mbowers is. mbowers, continues to say that he believes that Sage will take care of him and he has never once said that he expected them to be open on a weekend, just that he called on a weekend. He also didn't bring up disappointment about that they were closed on a holiday, he only brought up the subject of his call after you insinuated that he thought sage "must" be open on the Holiday. He didn't insinuated it. He then reasonably explained why he called and that other businesses were open.
    Sage might be a smallish company, but I don't think expecting them to have an answering machine or for making minor changes to their web page (which is you will have to admit faulty in this situation) is unreasonable.

    Again, I don't read anywhere in his comments any aspect of unreasonable requests. You on the other hand seem to be looking for reasons to be offended by his posts. Is this a Sage thing? If this had been a company that you had also had problems with yourself, would you have responded the same way? I think someone nailed it earlier, because this is a Northwest company the responses most likely are a result of protecting their own.
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  6. Krusty

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    And I say to you, good sir, then you've never dropped your last unopened fifth of Old Grand-Dad over the side of the boat.
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    I think a few of our respected members need to get off their pedestals. Sage doesn’t give out loyalty rewards for being pretentious.

    Try to appreciate the value in awareness, regardless of someone else’s experience(s). Take it at face value.
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  8. Brian White

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    My big complaint about Sage is that they have yet to produce a rod model that includes a hidden, refridgerated beer reservoir accessible via a long straw that extends from the rod's handle. Now that, sirs, is what I call unreasonable!
    In all seriousness, my only comment on Sage and some other rodmakers recently is that i kind of prefer the old way that rods were named - with a coupla letters - instead of the fancy words. Having said that, my best guess is that i fall into the demographic of "gearlovers so loyal that they would fish our rods even if we named the rods "Bedwetter" or "I suffer from microphallus""; consequently, i wouldn't think them unreasonable if they ignored my feedback. Would I fish the Sage Circa if they called it the "Sage Taint" (marketing slogan "'taint' exactly a slow action, but 'taint' a fast action either".....)? You betcha I would!
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  9. Krusty

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    Taint? Hopefully Sage will consult the Urban Dictionary before marketing a rod with such a name. :)
  10. Chris Bellows

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    you'd miss out on a great fishing experience. he was a pleasant host for myself and i know many others on this board.

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  11. Peyton00

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    If this makes it to 5 pages, I am buying all the participants gold plated diapers.:)
  12. Krusty

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    If you buy me a gold plated diaper I promise to fill it.
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  13. ScottD

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    I've really "enjoyed' sending broken rods and other warrantied items through my local shop (Avid Anglers, Seattle). I more or less have just walked in and said "I broke this" and handed over the item. They've sent it in and called me up when it is back and I then pay them the Service fee from the company (Sage, Redington, etc) and skip out the door....pretty nice having local shops taking care of you.
  14. triploidjunkie

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    My local fly shop is too lazy for this. I wish they did. I walked in with a broken rod for them and was told to deal with it myself, even though I bought it there. Every other fly shop handled it for me, no issues.
  15. Rob Allen

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    at 65 dollars sage is not making any money.. Bainbridge to Florida is should of 30 bucks fed ex ground.

    35 bucks for handling , manufacturing and packaging. say on the low side that sage employees make 10 bucks an hour. that gives you 3.5 hours to get your repair done and make money.

    Fed ex shows up an employee has to sign for it, open the package, figure out what's wrong, label your rod and put it into whatever department they put it in, then they communicate with the mgf department. The next employee has to decide how your part fits into the manufacturing process and schedule it's production, another employee cuts the part ( actually i think sage uses a cnc cutter that employee doesn't make $10 an hour. the part is cut tacked rolled cellophaned and baked then the part is pulled from the mandrel stripped of cellophane tested for strength, sanded , cleaned, then color coated, then it has to get ferruled( fitted to your rod) the it has to be repackaged and prepared for fed ex..

    65 bucks is a bargain when compared it cost sage to repair.
  16. Brian White

    Brian White Recovering Bugmeister

    Pretty sure Krusty did, but hoping other people keyed in on fact that I knew what the word "taint" meant when I wrote my earlier post (it was made infamous in Showtime's cable series "Weeds" - do a youtube search for "Weeds Andy Doug Taint" and you'll find the clip and get a laugh, but only view if you are not offended by bad language.....). My point was that even knowing what the word meant I'd STILL buy a rod with that name, as long as it casts and mends like butter. :)
  17. royalcoach

    royalcoach Active Member

    Not sure Id be able to buy a Taint XL .... no matter how good it was.....
  18. Peyton00

    Peyton00 Active Member

    What about a Winston 'chode' ? Stiff tip, strong butt section.
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  19. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    Isn't the taint the area between the reel foot and reel seat?
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  20. Irafly

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    Correct me if I'm wrong Rob, but doesn't Sage account for this in their pricing in the first place? I can't imagine as a company that they don't. I will agree that they are not making money on the warranty process in itself, but they are still certainly making money in the long run.
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