Sage Reels (4200, 4500, 4500CF)?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Brian White, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Brian White Recovering Bugmeister/Troutlandish?

    Anyone ever fish Sage reels? Am particularly interested in the 4500 vs 4500CF - want to mate it with my sage uno.
  2. 5shot Member

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    For the same money you could get a nice, Made in USA reel (Bauer, Lamson, etc.). Probably still a nice reel though.
  3. Brian White Recovering Bugmeister/Troutlandish?

    I like Bauers and Lamsons too....but as a function of my company's relationship with Sage and Sage's parent company, I am fortunate enough to get special pricing on Sage, Redington and Rio stuff. :)
  4. Spencer Woods Member

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    I would still not get a Sage :) Go Lamson.
  5. JesseC Active Member

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    WTF guys. The sage reels are money. They are great. I've never had a failure in years of fishing.

    The CF reels are a bit cumbersome if you're going to be switching spools a lot it can be annoying because they have a closed housing. The 4200 series do not have this feature but they are a bit heavier and a bit more spendy. CF reels are the best if you're going for a lightweight reel. I have three and am well pleased with each.

    Sage reels will last you a lifetime. The build quality is excellent and there is a lifetime warranty. If you're looking for something less expensive the echo series is an amazing value for the $.
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  6. Josh Smestad aka Mtnwkr

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    I have a couple of the 3850's with 8 or 9 CF spools and use them for my 4,5, and 6wts. Like Jesse says they have a closed housing but it's not too big a deal. The CF spools are dirt cheap too. The drag on one malfunctioned on a large pink last year, drove up to B.I. after fishing and they handed me a new reel on the spot. I'm loyal to Sage for a reason ;) My Sage has tighter tolerances than my Lamson...
  7. Brian White Recovering Bugmeister/Troutlandish?

    Thanks a lot for the feedback! I am now waiting in the weeds for the 4550 to come back in stock in "bronze" finish....Pretty sure I can buy the CF spare spools and they will fit, so I think I will pick up a spare CF spool at same time.
  8. Yak Member

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    I use the 4500 series and really like em. I have a CF spare spool also and they fit very well and are nice. light, and inexpensive.
  9. triploidjunkie Active Member

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    All I know is the1650series is garbage. I had two and an extra spool. Just don't even slightly bump them or they will crack, and once they crack, they just fall apart. They were so bad, when offered to replace I said no thank you and picked up a couple redington reels, which have performed much better.
  10. jessejames Flyslinger

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    The 4200 series and the 4500 series are great reels I think the 4250 reel is one my favorites I have it on a 5 wt dry fly rod and I really like the super large arbor arrangement.
    Sexy looking in Platinum too!
  11. Denny Active Member

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    I have a Sage 4560 and 4580, both have CF and standard spools.

    I have no idea what Jesse means by "The CF reels are a bit cumbersome if you're going to be switching spools a lot it can be annoying because they have a closed housing." I think he may be referring to something other than CF spools. Yep, my 4560 and 4580 both have closed drag systems, but that has nothing to do with the ability to remove and install the spools.

    I also have Bauer and Galvan, both at similar price points. The Sage reels are super light, but the Bauer and Galvan are better performing reels and are more durable, albeit heavier. But, we're talking like an ounce to an ounce and half, which practically is immaterial . . .
  12. Paul Voelker Member

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    I've got the 4550 CF and it has been an awesome reel, well built and light. When I was looking at reels I was primarily comparing the weight since I do not like heavy reels. Plus extra CF spools are only $65. Same warranty standards as the Sage rods which is probably why they cost more.