Sage Reels vs. Ross Reels

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JF, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. JF

    JF Member

    Looking for a new Spey reel. Looking in the $250 - $350 range. Looking at either the Sage 4200 or Ross CLA maybe the Evolution. Any strong opinions on this?

  2. Evan Salmon

    Evan Salmon Member

    I have a CLA for 6-7-8 wts and two Evolutions for 4-5-6. I like them all for the money, but the CLA seems to pick up a lot of sand under the spool. I have to pull it off and rinse it constantly. I've never had this problem with the evolutions.
  3. luv2fly2

    luv2fly2 Active Member

    evan, is that jake about to jump out? did the evolution replace the canyon series? i really like the canyon big game. mike w
  4. Jason Decker

    Jason Decker Active Member

    i've got a 4200 for my 550g skagit line, it is definately a decent reel for the money
  5. ak_powder_monkey

    ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

    I've got a sage 1800 and like it a lot, except the fact that its die cast which has lead to some wobble I think, taking a step up to the machined isn't a bad idea. I do totally hate the lack of click though, I like to hear my fish run
  6. Steve Saville

    Steve Saville Active Member

    The Momentum replaced the Canyon Big Game series and has since been replaced with the Momentum LT, a lighter series of reels.
  7. Peter Pancho

    Peter Pancho Active Member

    korea vs usa I believe, but still quality
  8. Itchy Dog

    Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

    I've got the CLA and it's a good, no-nonsense reel. There's a reason Ross has kept it around for so long.
    I also have a Momentum LT and like it a lot. Haven't had any problems.
  9. Tom Palmer

    Tom Palmer Active Member

    Ross is very clear which reels are made in the US and which are not. The cheapies under the "Worldwide" label are made overseas. All the good stuff is made in the US, including the CLA, Evolution, Momentum etc...

    My general rule is this. Sage makes great rods. That is their primary focus and when I need a rod I consider Sage.
    Ross makes great reels. When I need a reel they get consideration.

    I don't buy Sage reels or Ross rods.

    Also, the Ross reels you are looking at are all made in the US. The Sage is made in Korea.

    Total no brainer to me... Ross all the way. (Same logic I use when buying Sage rods over Redington, TFO etc...)
  10. rainbow

    rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

    I agree with Tom on this one.
  11. JF

    JF Member

    Thanks everyone! I was leaning towards the idea of "I buy sage rods but not sage reels....I buy ross reels but not ross rods and korea v. USA. Cheers!

    Tight lines!
  12. Jeff Dodd

    Jeff Dodd Active Member

  13. JSpecc

    JSpecc New Member

    I really like the Galvan rush should check them out
  14. BDD

    BDD Active Member

    My thoughts exactly.
  15. Evan Salmon

    Evan Salmon Member

    It is indeed Jake... He still gets a little excited when we get a fish on, but mostly he naps in the stern.
  16. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    Both a good reels. I'm a Ross fan, but not so much of their new stuff. I like the older reels, Canyons, Big Game, Gunnisons etc.
    As far as getting sand under the spool of a CLA, that sounds like a user care issue rather then a reel issue.
  17. Evan Salmon

    Evan Salmon Member

    Yeah. I probably could be more careful with it.
  18. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    Bauer MSL's and Lamson Hard Alox Litespeeds are heavily discounted right now. Both are top notch reels (MHO)
  19. Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson Member

    Well said Tom
  20. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    One can take it a little further if wanted....only support companies that make all their lines in usa......galvan, bauer, tibor, abel, etc.. Not a fan of lower end products being made elswhere..even st. croix bought in to that, there lower end rods are now made in mexico.....or overseas. Winston and Ross are two who have succumbed. Really this is a microcosm of what is happening in all of our industries. Selling of America!