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  1. May be a lame question but has anyone used or own one. If so, outside of price point, what do you
    think of them?
  2. What size are you looking for. Honestly I think all across the Sage Response range can be beaten by other companies in the same price range or less. Look at the TFO BVK, or Orvis access. I personally think that Sage's lower end rods leave alot to be desired. You can get more for your money elseware. Get up to the 550-600 dollar range things change in Sages lineup for sure.
  3. Just toying with the idea of a new 8 wt to replace my aging 8 ft 6 rod.
  4. I prefer something that feels light in swing weight so I do not prefer any of sages lower end models.
  5. Thanks for your comments
  6. I have not cast a Response, but, in general, I agree that most of the big name USA made manufacturer's lower end rods leave something to be desired. The price point rods made overseas seem to deliver a lot more performance for less money. St Croix may be the exception.
  7. Heard good things about St. Croix. Perhaps they deserve a looky.
  8. I don't own one but I've cast a few and I think they're actually pretty dang nice rods. I enjoy the new Response as much as the VXP and I think it's a genuine upgrade over the older Flight (which I own). Cast it and see for yourself. With all that said, a made in the states product is nice. For overseas rods, an Echo (Echo 3) or Redington (Torrent) would be my call.
  9. I bought a 9'6" 8 weight Response a month or so ago. I like it well enough, but I'm not much of a fly rod connissseur, so probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between it and a more expensive rod. I like to buy US products when I can, and have been happy enough with another entry level Sage rod I bought a few years back, so went that way again.
  10. Thanks for the input Russ. I realize that it is not the SAGE ONE rod,
    but it is half the price. That has to count for something. Have you fished it much?
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  11. I know someone who's says that's one of the few rods he can cast his entire line out of.
  12. That is a point, I doubt that I could do that, I am just not that good.
    The tout it as a fast action rod and outfitted correctly I could probably get some distance.

    Truth be told, I am quite happy with my old RP rod, but I just have to look sometimes. As I age, I am looking for something that is a little lighter and easier to cast. But the RP has served me well over the years. Besides I have a lot of memories in it.....
  13. Don't worry I can't do that either
  14. I handled one in the shop the other day, but it did not have a reel or line on it. It handled very well in the shop, but then again, what rod doesn't.
  15. Lately I've found the only way for me to hit the pricepoint I want and get the type of rod I want is to buy used. Many people are selling good rods with blank warranty cards. You can get a lot for $300 in the classified section.

    Sorry I can't help on your specific question. I think the overseas company's bread-and-butter is the mid priced stuff which is why they do it a bit better than companies like Sage. I picked up a lightly (if ever) used 9'6" 7wt Redington CPS for $150 this season. It's a great rod and I prefer it over my Sage Z-Axis (also bought used) so that says something I think!
  16. There is something about those Redington CPS rods. They got it just right for my casting style.
  17. I have the Response in a 5-wt. While technically, it's a replacement of the Flight (which replaced the FLi), its performance is closer to that of the discontinued Z-Axis. Uses the same taper as the Z-Axis but slightly different composite materials.

    In casting and fish-on performance it feels a lot more like the Z-Axis than the Flight (and I have both of those as well). In fact, when Donna had to send her Z-axis in for repair this summer (broken guide), she opted to use our Response rather than my ONE or our Flight (which we use as our dedicated backpacking rod) -- NOTE: I didn't offer to let her use my Helios 2 which has earned its place as my FAVORITE all-around rod!

    That said, I would highly recommend you also check out the Orvis Access or even their Clearwater II rods -- both are sweet casting wands worthy of consideration of any angler.
  18. Just my two cents worth here, I used one of the Sage response rods for a week here and loved every minute of it. We fished it on the beaches mostly, usually in windy conditions at some point in the day. I found it had a good heft but not heavy, lots of reserve power, and it can bang out a line with effortless efficiency. For the money, and as a locally made American rod, I think it is a very good deal.
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  19. So there you go. Some people like it, and some don't. Go cast it yourself because that is the only way you will know it is the right fit for you!
  20. You are correct sir.

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