Sage RPL+... Fastest of the Sage Line?

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  1. Interested in hearing from those who own or have owned Sage RPL+ blanks. I picked up a 796 a year or so ago and have only cast it with an 8WF line (don't have a 7wt line). I have heard these are among the fastest rods Sage made, but also the early years of fast action rod craze/developement. As such, they reportedly tend to cast better with a 1/2 to 1 line weight up. It seems to cast well with the 555 8wt line, but only at mid to longer lengths -- seems like a pool cue at shorter lengths.

    Any suggestions from the Sage followers, for sure anyone using this rod, would be appreciated. Rio's Grand Flyline has been recommended as they run about 1/2weight heavy.

  2. I have an 8wt Rpl+ and love it. I like fast action rods though.
  3. RPL+ is probably the fastest traditional old brown sage. In other words, it was a pretty stiff rod 12 years ago. The recovery is nothing special. Nothing to be scared of.
  4. Did you use the rod weight lines or + weights?

  5. I LOOOOOVE my rpl+ 8 wt. Ive taken it all over the globe. I just use the reccomended line, I havent found a need to upline it.
  6. I'm a huge RPL fan and have a 486, 690 and 890 all my own em! I would argue they and the LL's were IMHO one of the best blank series produced.

    I purchased the 796 RPL+ on a lark because it was brand new and a great price. I suspect I'll use it mostly for streamers and maybe some smaller stream summer steelhead?? Before spending $60+ for a line, I thought a crosscheck amongst the forum was in order.

    Does anyone fish the "RIO Grand" lines... I haven't used them.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  7. I actually had the 796. Wonderful steelhead and schoolie striper rod. Depended on the line in terms of upsizing. Saltwater tapers, I remember using a 7. I think my main steelhead line was an 30 foot WF 8 wt I cut for tips. Really great shooting head rod.
  8. I custom built a rod about 13 years ago with a Sage 690 RPL+ blank. Never have liked it as much as I thought I would. I throw a 7 wt line on it. I like 'em fast since I cast with a lot of double-hauling and grit as opposed to grace and timing, but while I adore my 5 wt Sage XP, I'd happily trade my 6 (7) wt Sage RPL+ if given the chance. Ron
  9. I fished my RPL+ 690-2 for years after first moving to MT. For whatever reason I found casting the rod to be easier for a beginner like myself. I just used a standard 6wt. WF line, but towards the end I was using one of those fast action lines, which I guess are a 1/2 line up, but wasn't overly impressed with the results. The longer I fly fished however, I came to enjoy a slightly slower action. Now, the ZXL is my 'go to' rod and when I do take the RPL+ out for a spin, it does feel like a broomstick. But if you're into fast action rods, or fast action rod situations, it sure does the trick.

    Funny this post came up, I'm about to eBay my RPL+ later today.
  10. I have 896and a386 rpl+ I have always used same line wts. with no problems of loading. My three wt.I use more than any rod I own. I have to replace my floating line for it,I've been using S.A. line that was designed for sage rods I don't think its made any more? I think it was called presentation,
    it was a awesome line for fast action rods of any make.
    The 8wt. I use RIO vesitip in 8wt for steelhead and salmon it cast a country mile,I use a S.A. WF-8-f Supreme 2 for most of my summer steelheading it has a long head witch i like for spey casting and it loads at short line lengths.
    I think that 7wt. would be a killer rod I always thought I would like to own one. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
  11. ^^^AGREED^^^ You can cast heavy tips and big ass flies with ease wityh the rpl+. It was my only steelhead rod for 15 years. Now that I have a spey, it will be my summer steel rod
  12. I agree with you Stilly the 8wt. is my fav. for summer steel. I do own two old brownies, 7136,9140 4pcs, I still would use the single hand over them, although the 7136 is a great rod for summer and winter.
  13. The RPLX was a stiffer faster action rod than the other RPL series. Sage's fastest action rod might be either the TCR or TCX. You will have to test out lines to find the one you like best. I imagine it being something similar to the TCR and casting...for distance but less feel use the recommended line weight, for more feel and less distance go with a heavier line.
  14. I have an old RPL+ 590. It is my fav for throwing heavy nymphs like stones. I also have a SP 590 that I don't especially like but I know a lot of people love this rod. My main 5 wt is an XP and it just feels right in my hands. Rick
  15. I have the 896 RPL+ and I do love it. It's caught chums, one king, big dollies, bonefish, stripers, trevally, bluefish, and even had a permit on once. I bring it to steelhead trips but never fish the 1H rod enough to have a chance to catch one so it is still waiting to break it's maiden on steelhead. But that said, I prefer it to every other 1H rod I fish in that weight / type.
  16. been a long time since i have cast one but weren't the Sp+ rods faster?
  17. Philster said it accurately that the RPL+ was the fastest of the brown line. The SP+ was an extremely fast rod, as well. I believe the RPL+ and the SP+ were available from Sage at the same time, and I believe of the two the SP+ was faster than the RPL+.

    Current or recently current models, the TCX is a fast rod, but in my opinion the TCR was/is the fastest rod Sage has made.

    Embarrassingly, I have to admit I own or have owned at least one rod from each of these models . . .
  18. A great rod versatile rod, I would run a SA Mastery XXD (distance taper) or the Steelhead taper in an 8wt. It will soften it up just right for the short stuff and will excell at the longer casts. That rod is a cannon but you will hate it with the wrong line, it just won't preform underlined.
  19. so true! Underlined this rod can't get it done at all

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