Sage RPL in 10 foot 4 and 5 wt and TFO BVK 10 foot 4 and 5 wt

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Pat Kiernan, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Pat Kiernan Member

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    I have Sage RPls inthe above config in 3 pieces I like the rods but would prefer 4 piece and considering buying the BVK rods in same config as on a good deal here any thoughts on the TFO BVK or how would they compare to the RPLs any thoughts appreciatd as im not going to get to try before I buy and they are americam rods thought ye might have insight? The BVKs seem to get great reviews thanks in advance pat
  2. Skilly Member

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    The RPL series of Sage rods. ah yes they were designed perfectly for me. The 6100 was my favorite rod for Puget Sound Silvers. I never owned a 4100 but have always wanted to. If I ever get a shot at one I will probably buy it.

  3. RussellB New Member

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    I've owned a 6100- a fun light Great Lakes Steelhead rod. I still own a 5100- this was a custom Sage for fishing larger rivers and it's a great rod. 5wt is a dream to fish and pairs well with a Mastery GPX WF5F in the textured series.
  4. Jeff Cheng Jeff Cheng

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    Not sure about the 10' rods but for 9' 6wt: I found the bvk to be more too flex than the rpl's deeper loading feel that really responds with good power.
  5. Bob Rankin Active Member

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    I have an rpl 9'6 7wt and an xp 10' 5wt( love them both)!