Sage Rpl + weights?

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  1. I have seen two sage rpl+ 590-4 fly rods on fleabay with different rod weights? One is marked 3 1/16 oz and the other 3 9/16 oz.They are both factory made rods.Did sage change the recipe at some stage?
  2. Yeah, when they changed the RPL to the RPL+ they made a mistake.
  3. Good rods though. The first fly rod I ever bought was an rpl+ 9'6" 7wt and still have it. That thing has landed a lot of fish.
  4. I also prefer the RPL to the RPL+. The RPL lasted 10 years from 1985 to 1995 when it was replaced with the RPL+.

    Sage brought back the RPL as VPS two years later in 1997. I don't know when the RPL+ was discontinued but it didn't last long. The RPL+ may have been discontinued in 1997 when Sage brought out the SPL and the VPS with the RPL rod blank.
  5. Still fish my 9' 8wt RPL+- over 200 steelhead to hand with that rod
  6. I love my RPL+ rods. The RPL rods feel like broomsticks to me. Like any rod, it's different from person to person. I'm also curious about the differences in weight?
  7. the RPL 8100-3 was about 4oz. It was a better steelheading rod because it roll cast much better than the RPL+

    Stilly Stalker, if you'd have had an RPL those 200 would probably have been 300.
  8. The RPL + was/is a heavier rod I believe. I love my RPL 5 wt. I would never buy a +, I had one, sold it.
  9. When discussions of the RPL+ vs RPL come up, I have found that the fly fishers who had an RPL and bought the RPL+ almost always stuck with the RPL. Like dryflylarry, I sold my 9 ft 5 wt RPL+ and went back to my RPL. The test I did was to close my eyes and cast blind to see if I could cast to a target by feel alone. I was more accurate with the RPL and I could cast further with it as well.

    Maybe it was because I was used to a RPL. But for me the superiority of the RPL over the RPL+ was not even a close call. The short life of the RPL+ in the Sage line of fly rods and the reintroduction of the RPL as the VPS speaks to the fact that many other fly fishers felt the same way. For the same reasons Sage brought back the LL (Light Line series) as the VPSL.

    I only gave up the RPL when I switched to a 10 ft 5 wt GLoomis GLX. And when I sold that original RPL on Ebay, I got $400 which was what a new Sage VPS was going for at that time and more than I paid for the RPL originally. I also had a Sage LL 389-3 that I sold at a premium over retail. At the time it was being manufactured, George Anderson called that rod the best 3 wt that he had ever fished. A lot of fly fishers agreed.
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  10. I believe the future of the fly rod industry will be in the past.Rod companies have run out of new materials(or soon will) and bring back the rpl's and sp's of the past.They may lighten up the blanks with newer processes/materials but im sure their return is immininent.
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  11. No ending to research and design in materials and composites. There will be something new every couple of years for the fly rod manufacturing business to implement in their arsenal. However as in the past, I'm sure there will be limited retro runs of certain rod lines.
  12. Agree -- the RPL was the cats meow. I do have a like brand new RPL+ 796 that I picked up as part of an impulse buy... price was simply too good to pass up. It is stiff to be sure, but actually casts quite well with an 8 weight line.
  13. I have both. Actually bought the 690-4 RPL+ by mistake. It's pretty good at throwing a lot of line, but I'd let it go for a reasonable offer. I'll never sell my RPLs though. Not only do I like them a lot but my name's on each so I probably would not get what they're worth. A 5 and an 8, from ACR. My first sticks.
  14. RPL's... the bell-bottoms and orange shag carpet of fly rods loveit.gif
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  15. I love my RPL+ 590! It still casts very nice tight loops. Since I have 3 5 wt rods, my RPL+ is my nymphing rod (great for big stoneflies etc) my 509 SP is one I use for my wife or other starting fly fishers, and my 590 XP is my go to rod for almost everything! Rick
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  16. I doubt that, but mostly because resins are a major player in rods these days, or at least thats how it is being pitched.
  17. I'm in the RPL fan club as well....really like them in the middle ranges for trout 4-6wt, and prefer them to the RPL+.

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