WTB Sage SLT 383-4 or similar

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jslo, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. I'm kinda set on a Sage SLT 383-4.
    Any thoughts or opinions on this rod that would be good for my soup of thoughts?

    PM me if you have one or know where one is!

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  2. i have a 389-4 SLT. beautiful rod ascetically, a smooth great casting rod. def anything in the SLT series will be a great addition to your collection. cannot go wrong with a SLT. be patient though, they are hard to come by i think mainly b/c no one wants to let them go. I searched for about 6 months before i got mine. my 2 cents.
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  3. I have the same rod--389-4. What a dream it is to cast, it's wonderfully smooth. Superb rod for small spring creeks.
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  4. MINT!!!*** Sage SLT 383-4 3 wt Weight 4 Piece Fly Rod this is on ebay with 7hr left
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  5. because you are wise and discerning....my favorite model.
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  6. Does anyone have an opinion or experience on line/grain? overline? What line would you spool up? Cheers, you guys are the best.
  7. Mine 389 likes Rio Gold or Airflo Supple Tactical in WF 3. SA Mastery Trout would be another option.
  8. second on the Rio gold, 3wt line
  9. I lost the auction for the SLT! Nooooo!! I had a bid failure at the last moment :( lol.

    I am also considering a Sage LL. Just based on our common enjoyment of the SLT, is the LL something I should pursue?
  10. That LL will run on average $100 more, and the 4-piece 389 seems pretty rare. In general older Sage 3-weights are in demand, so be prepared to bid pretty high for one unless you just get lucky. The ZXL 386 is a good rod and you can get a new one in the $500 range on closeout if you use Google.
  11. My 2 cents.... The SLT is faster in action than the LL series. While the 3 wt older sage rods are in demand, as stated above, the LL series will command more than the SLT series. Def take into account your desired casting speed when purchasing, as there's a big difference the SLT and LL. my limited knowledge would put the LL as slow, much slower than the SLT. Both are incredible rods with there own characteristics. Can't go wrong with either, just take into account their individual speeds
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  12. Next time use Esnipe for that last second bid on Ebay can pre-schedule bid
  13. yeah I did use e-snipe type deal- but I messed up the increment (i.e. I entered a 326 bid on a 325 auction...and the bid increment is $5 at that point. I needed to go 330 or higher! rats lol...live and learn). I thought I was all sniped up tech savy guy and lost the dang big rofl! :rolleyes:
  14. Just sent you a PM on a 383-3 SPL I might be willing to sell.
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  15. Spot on with my experiences as well.

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