FS Sage SP 480-2

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Gene Carriker, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. I have a nice little Sage SP 4wt 8' long - 2 piece. nice condition - discoloration on handle and some marking on reel seat but rod looks good, nice clean finish, tight guides and ferrels - no concerns with cosmetics or function outside those mentioned re; handle/seat. The original tube and sock are not included -they left the truck and went hiking while the rod was on the river - but have been replaced with another sock and a nice Orvis tube with handle. Asking $200 and shipping.
    Price reduced $190 shipped.

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  2. I should add if I am priced wrong please PM me ... nice rod having seen limited use ... but I am not a dealer so can be wrong!
  3. Somebody please buy this fast and put me out of my misery.
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  4. That is a great streamer rod.
  5. Yes ... it is a wonderful rod for stream fishing!
  6. Bump for price reduction and included shipping.
  7. Gene,

    Did you ever find that Winston 4wt that you were looking for? I have sent several emails and PMs with no response.
  8. Am seriously considering it. What kind of action does it have. Have been doing some research on the SP, but haven't had a lot of time as of yet.

    I prefer soft rods...like the LL, SPL, or Winston TMF, Scott G (Not G2)...feel the same?
  9. The SP is for soft presentation ... soft compared to sage rods ... tiny bit crisper than thee ll to me but not to others. My LL is the 9' 490 and the added length mey influence my evaluation.
  10. Sold ... pending funds
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