Sage Spey for Sale

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  1. Sage Spey for Sale, Price reduced!

    7136 (13'6" 7 wt.) Sage spey, it is based on the SP blank so has a very smooth progressive action. Throws a 450 Skagit well with a light tip or skagit floating tip, i think it would throw heavier tips with a 400 nicely, but havent done it yet. asking 300 bucks OBO, includes tube and sock, rod is a 4 piece. pm me if interested. photos are at the bottom of this post.
  2. i'll give you $150.00 unseen...
  3. Asking $350 you offer $150 hmmmm
  4. iagree perhaps a typo :confused:

    jergens, I was not aware that Sage made a spey off the SP line. Is the blank the same green color as the SP's. Sounds like a very good deal. I'm just not a speyer...tried it once. :(
  5. I dont know if want to admit it, but buccola is one of my friends :thumb:. it looks to me like it was based off of the graphite IIIe i believe, or the SP blank. it is a killer rod and a hell of a deal, i just want something new. also, it has never been sent in on warranty.
  6. The SP is graphite IV, the IIIe would be XP or SLT.
  7. Dont you think $350 for a sage that belongs in a museum is a bit much? A used z axis is about $500 and the series before that about $350. $150 a little lowball, maybe $250? I bet at all the shops they sold for that much at clearance a gazillion years ago.
  8. XP Blank
  9. jergen...your getting brutalized!
  10. harsh man... jeez.
  11. oh well, everyone knows that the newest most expensive rods are the only ones that catch fish and are worth money! :rofl:
  12. Do you have any interest in a trade? What color is the rod? Brown or Green?
  13. green, shoot me a PM with trade options, im looking for other spey poles
  14. That sounds like a great stick. A rod doesn't have to be new to have good value. I'd like to see the offers I'd get if I put my old 8150 up for sale.
  15. No, but it is like selling a 1990 Jeep Cherokee for $7,000. "Dude, it cost $15,000 new".
  16. Stan,
    I think if he wanted your help pricing the rod, he probably would have asked. If you want the rod and don't like the price, you should make him an offer or leave it alone. Deleting your posts would be the reasonable thing to do.

    Jergens, sorry for the hijack, good luck with the sale.

  17. here are some photos of the rod and tube. rod has never been sent in on warranty

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  18. Using that logic , they should be giving Hardy Perfects away .
  19. well i did sell that old corvette for $1000 bucks the other day :rofl:
  20. Bump, price reduced

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