Sage Switch Rod Blank

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jim Riggins, Nov 7, 2012.

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    After fishing with a an honorary Sage sales rep Steve Saville who schooled me on the merrits of the products coming out of Bainbridge Island. I have one of the best custom rod builders on board to build this rod for me, Gregg Cobb River Creek Rods. I would like this rod built on a Z Axis switch rod blank but was told that they are no longer available thru Anglers Workshop our go to shop here in SW Wa for rod components. They told Gregg that only the Sage One is now available. So my question is, odviously I will check around for the Z Axis blank first. What is the difference between the Z and the One? I just sold my Beaulah switch which was my back up to my Echo switch so hence the Sage. Just looking for some reliable info here not a long debate over rod manufactorers. thanks
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    pm'd you
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    there are Z-axis blanks on ebay right now
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    some of the z axis blanks are incredibly slow
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    really? No consistency blank to blank? Seems unlike Sage