Sage Switch Rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Ringlee, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Yeah I am having a hard time finding a line for the 7136 I have tried the 450, 500 skagits both recommended by sage. Not happy with it. Thanks for the help
  2. well I have limited experience on that rod but for what it's worth-

    The 7136 I cast had a surprising setup-
    600 skagit, 5ft cheater, and about 8' of T-14.
    I slowed way down, went real gentle, and it just sailed out there. It was surreal.
  3. ive been rocking the 510 compact on it with 10' t-11, haven't tried any huge bugs on it, but it zings with that combo for me.
  4. 510 compact up to a 600 seems to fit the 7136 nice for me. T-14 and T-11 tips 9' to 15' work well even with half a dead rabbit on the end. I tried the 450 Rio first because that was what was recommended...didn't work for me either.
  5. I tried a 550 with 5' cheater is work ok for me. Then I tried a 500 with a 5' cheater and was pretty happy so I am going to try some compact from 500 to 560.

    I fished a 6/7 afs on my 11' 7wt and liked it alot. Rio is now saying their new 375 short skagit is the one for it. I tried a 450 on it and 350. I am thingking a 400 or 420 short will be it. If anyone has tried something 400-450 on a 7110 let me know.
  6. if you have the 550 and 500 (im assuming rio) have you tried them without the 5' cheater?
  7. I have tried them with and with out. I like the 500 with 5 ' the best out of the rio. I am going to try your 510 compact this week, I am getting a demo line to try.
  8. Tried an airflow compact 420, 450, and 480 on my z 811-4. I preferred the 480. Also tried AFS 7/8 and 8/9. Preferred the 8/9. Read somewhere of people chopping the 8/9 back 4'- haven't tried yet, but it seems like it would be spot-on.

    Overall, love this rod- 2 handed, single hand, overhead, underhand, whatever you call my poor casting- this rod is fun!!
  9. Been working with the Sage 11ft 7 wt Z-Axis for about three months now on The Day On the River and in my Speyshcool.
    I had the 8 wt but opted to use this rod for it has a little faster butt.
    Pretty cool little rod and can carry an amazing amount of line in the air.
    My advanced casting group is working with the 6/7 CND GPS 60ft 512 grains while the caster is wading in 30 inches of water. This is a drill to learn how to keep a tensioned back cast and to build proficiency in your casting.
    I second Caster suggestion if you cannot overhead the line look for another.
  10. What reels are people running on their 7110? Would a T-8 balance well?
  11. Lamson Litespeed 3.5
  12. own both. Keep the switch for swinging. the 10' sucks for nymphing. too fast and top heavy.Ok for a single hand swing rod, but the switch is way better.
  13. Lines for the Z 7110 & 7136

    On the Z Axis 7110 - try the Rio Skagit Short 475 - perfect and it flies.

    On the Z Axis 7136 - try the Airflo Compact Skagit 570. 600 works also. Neither require effort.

    I updated my post as I meant 475!
  14. That is my exact setup and works very nice for me.

  15. I use two reels, depending on what line I'm using...Billy Pate Salmon or a Hardy Marquis #10

    Both are a nice fit for the 7110 z.

  16. Vosseler S2 and Galvan T-8 for light spey and switch rods, works for me.
  17. OK...what line are you all using for overhead casting on the 7110? Any suggestions for a Scandi head?? Others?
  18. 6100 and an AF40+ 8wt works better than I deserve on the beach. The only scandi I've used on it is a Beulah Elixir 6/7...and that line ended my search. You know how I cast, clumsy and clunky favoring overlining. With your much more refined casting stroke you might do well with your 7110 with these same lines.
  19. Scandi compact 360 or 390. For straight single hand I have used a 8wt and9 wt outbound and both fly.
  20. I like the Rio 5/6 AFS cut back 7 feet. In hind site if I had to do it all over again, I'd stopped at 5' cut back but I can't complain at all with the performance of what I've got.


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