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  1. Selling my Sage TCR. This thing is such a cannon that Sage created a special 110ft. WF floating line just for this rod. You don't have to be a renouned caster to fish this rod. I'm not a great caster by any means and this rod allowed me to do things an ordinary rod wouldn't. The intermediate caster looking to step it up a level will handle this rod just fine. Comes with blank warranty card and the special TCR floating line designed just for this rod. $500 obo
  2. I have been looking for a used TCR in 7 weight. I want to use it in the salt for summe Coho and searuns and be able to bomb out LONG casts with BIG flies. Have you fished BIG flies with this thing? If so,how big? How do they cast with the SAGE specialty line? Is the line included? Also, some people are telling me this is more of a tournament casing rod than a fishing rod; did you fish it, or just cast in on the lawn? Did you end to break off fish and is it hard to cast over a long period of time? Thanks, Jeff
  3. This rod is amazing, it's that simple! I was worried when I first bought it, though it would be too much for me to handle, but I quickly discovered I shouldn't have been intimidated. I tied an articulated bunny leach with two #2 6x long hooks, weighted the front hook forward and back with .035 lead and this rod still put it out there 90ft, and it's a 5 weight! It definately is a stiff rod but I found myself still able to accomplish the things I would normaly do with my DS2, mends great, roll casts fine, it's a good all round fishing rod. I couldn't believe how much line I would keep pulling off the reel! Great rod for streamer guys wanting to cast a mile! I believe there have been some reviews on this site, just do a search and see what other guys have to say.
  5. Richard, I called bullshit on him too, and then I saw him with it, he was fishing big, heavy, tandem streamers; he can and DID put it out OVER 90 feet. No, I didn't measure it, but I'd put money on it. An in case you haven't checked out Rajeffs casting records (both fly and gear), he could do 90 feet with his left hand standing on one foot, and I am not joking either. I watch Brian OKeefe (sp) throw 111 feet of line about 5 years ago at a sportsmens show with a 5 weight DS. Rajeff can smoke Brian anyday, and Brian is an awesome caster. 90 feet is not much for most guys that practice casting. Now, do you need to cast 90 feet to fish in most cases, no way. My point is, if you don't believe him, pick the fly, time and place and bet him $100 to see if he can really do it. See if he'll take your bet and bring cash. I wouldn't bet him, though. I like to keep my money.

  6. You're blowin' smoke at the wrong guy.

    First, him being a Scott rep forever up until just a couple of years ago, O'Keefe wouldn't cast a DS, and he wouldn't toss one 111 feet. How do I know? I just know Brian, his skills, and what he would or wouldn't do. 8 out of 10 times Rajeff will beat O'Keefe, head to head, and it wouldn't be smokin' him. Watch them more than once and you'll discover that. The last time I saw Steve win a casting contest, albeit it was a few years ago, it was with a 104' cast, standing with both feet on the ground, casting right-handed. Sure, both he and Brian can pop them out over 110' once in a while, but it's the exception, not the rule.

    I do measure casts, and it's pretty staggering how many 90' casts end up being 75' casts. Most people can't get a 'true' ninety with a piece of yarn, let alone with a wet, weighted articulated double hook bunny leech. Maybe, MAYBE, the odd cast, going with the wind and downhill (I'm being a tad bit facetious), your pal might happen to get there, but that's a big task, even with a heavier weight rod. Maybe that 90' bunny leech cast happens once in a while, but if it does it's the exception, and not the rule.

    We digress, though. The TCR is an incredible rod but very technical, and requires very good timing and casting skils, and (in my and Sage's opinion) a prudent person should test cast one, probably several times, before deciding if it's the stick for them. It's a whole lot of rod, and a big investment. I have one. :thumb:
  7. A fly weighted as much as this one practically casts it's self. You're right though, timing and knowing when to shoot line is imperative. A perfect double haul and maximum line speed is mandatory as well. No arguments about the performance of the rod however!
  8. Richard-you're right, I fabricated the whole thing. I never saw Brian cast a DS against George Cook and Tim Rajeff. I made it up. Yep. The distance too. You would know because you're the Scott rod rep and you're good buddies with Brian, so, I am sure you know he wouldn't touch a DS. I mean, come on, he probably doesn't even endorse the Cabelas LST's, NOT A CABELAS!
  9. If there was a spit on your shoe emoticon..It would go right there...Ease up gents its suppose to be enjoyable!!!roflmao!!:rofl: :rofl:
  10. Agent Montana-you're right. I need to chill out and MARINATE a little in a trout stream. Richard, I was being a bit defensive and I apologize. Jeff
  11. Have you guys seen Brian cast?

    Haha man he is soooo good, and 90 feet (line out of guides with leader straight) is nothing huge.

    Look man I'm no miracle caster but I taped a 103' with a damn winston im6 4wt. Beat that sharp steelie. If you pratice you can bomb out phatty casts, and okeefe gets it done.

    Casting compeititons are tought because your casts have to fall in bounds which is a narrow margin of error, plus you cant take 100 casts to get the feeling for that particular day. Casting competitions usually dont show as much distance as someone is capable of.

    Is it bad that I am supposed to fish loomis rods on the trout end of things but mine has lie in its case broken since jan? I think Okeefe can cast whatever he pleases, he is an SA dude anyways. Man lighten up. Now I feel like a hypocryte...hahaha im going to bed.
  12. Well,
    I watched okeefe throw over 100 ft into a recorded 24 mph wind at the casting competition at the madison river festival 2 years ago, outcasting everybody by at 20 ft, most by 40 with a 8 weight tcr. I have also watched zen cast over 100 feet multiple times, so this whole casting argument about who can cast ar with what rods is ridiculous, it is like a crack fein argument.:rofl:
  13. Now that you guys have high-jacked this thread take it elsewhere and let the guy sell his rod.
  14. Thank you! I'm am willing to negotiate on this!

  15. Not until this is settled, can you or can't you!!!!!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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