Sage TCX 7119 or Sage ONE 7116

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fly dds, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. I need a new short 2 hander and I want a TCX or ONE. Which one should I choose? I'm only going to be throwing Skagit heads, heavy tips and big bugs. Or should I be thinking an #8? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. i love my 7119 for scandi and lightly weighted bugs, but when its time for t14 and half a chicken i wish i had the 8. i've decided tho, my next rod will be the burkheimer 7117 (a 7 only in number, an 8 by sage standards) for exactly this reason. got to cast one last fall side by side w/the 8119, both w/flight 525, and both were great, both 6wt lightness, but the burkie (at two inches shorter) still threw 90+ feet and longer tips with less effort. for only a few bucks more, the attention to detail, and especially the vastly superior cork quality on the burkie alone is worth it, imo. i have only cast the one 7126, and wasnt blown away.
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  3. I picked the Sage ONE over the Burkie switch. My burkies break more and are more expensive to repair than Sage. I had to spend $300 on one Burkie in one year in repair bills. I slammed the truck door on my Deathstar and it did not break. Have to factor that in to the buying decision.
  4. Repair costs are always a factor!!! I'd hate to spend a Grand and then dump a bunch more later. Burkie is just down the street from me so getting it repaired would be rather quick. Thanks guys for the Burkie info. I'm going to go check them out before I buy anything.

  5. do you fish the burkies more? thats the first i've heard of excessive breakage. i've had my tcx repaired once. the only spey rod break i've had. it must boil down to dumb luck. i will say the cork on several of my sages is quite gnarled after less than a hundred days. i dont think thats a problem with my luck.
  6. I cast that 1177 Burkhiemer recently. I don't really like short rods and/or skagits. I loved it.
  7. I'm a fan of the 8119 for big flies and winter fishing. I wouldn't do the 7 wt for that.
  8. TCX for power, One for presentation.
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  9. Thanks guys for input. I'm heading to Burkheimer this week to check em out.
  10. end of story:)
  11. Just a warning, burkheimers are addictive :D, and for a good reason.

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