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  1. Anyone tried one yet?

    Good, bad or indifferent?

  2. I'll make sure to cast it long and hard when I get the chance (Sept 14-16) and report back. Sage has been making some really good rods these past few years, their faster rods still have great feel.
  3. (Noted: Below info is my personal experience based on 30 minutes parking lot casting; TCX590-4 and TCR)

    I got a chance to cast the TCX 590 today, light green grass coloration with beautiful cork. (this is Winston quality cork!).

    This rod is very light in hand almost like a light 3wt rod to me. The decreased weight really increase the sensitivity and the feel. I always feel sage is very good at creating a low swing weight rod. crispy and light feel. extra sensitive!

    TCX 590 is a fast action rod, but not as fast as TCR. The rod remind me a lot of the XP 590. (I feel TCR is a smooth version rod of XP 590, which is the rod I have been waiting for...Noted: personally I feel the tip section of Z-Axis is too soft).

    The most amazing thing to me is the smoothness and sensitivity of this rod, I try to punch this rod very hard into the wind, I felt the rod can be loaded into the butt section. The light weight also increase the feel of the load. very easy to detact the changes of the loading and feel the line.

    Overall, I think TCX not only is a supreb casting rod, but also would be a great fun rod in real fishing situation. The price $810 .... hmmm ... about time to let go other equipment...
  4. its a great rod. A little more than an Xp but not quite a TCR. Probably similar to an Xi2 in action but weighs less.
    I just wish there was a 5wt with a fighting butt... it'd be my next SRC rod.
  5. Will this line be limited to certain weights and lengths like previous? I always thought a 9'6" 8 weight TCR would be the ultimate SH, Salmon (Chum) rod.
  6. FYI, this message is from Sage.

    Hi Robert,

    Fly shops should start to be getting them in now. You can test cast one
    at your local shop probably after October 1st. They will see their cast
    in the public next week at FFR. I just spoke with Creekside Angling and
    they will be ordering them shortly.
  7. I am still holding out for the SAGE XXX line. :D
  8. or the xxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. try a saltwater line or something with a stiffer core on the 6wt... its a cannon with an intermediate line
  10. Matt, what weight of line/type were you using during your casting session?

    I would be inclined, given your review of the rod to upline it one weight and then determine its responsiveness.
  11. How would you guys say it performs or compares to a z-axis?
  12. Did you by any chance get to cast the 10' 7wt?? I hear that when sage makes a 10' rod it friggs around with the dynamics and its not as nice as the 9'6".
  13. Tyler,

    Since this rod is a modification of its TCR predecessor, it still will be much faster than the Z-Axis. Not having cast the TCX yet, I can't tell you to what degree the stiffness variance is between the two rods.


    A 10' rod will always be more "willowy" for lack of a better term, than shorter models of the same weight. The Sage TCR 690 is noticibly stiffer than the more favored 697 model, since the added 6" of the 697, imparts greater feel during casting.
  14. Good point! Bob

    Personally, I will see TCX as the new version of the XP. (not TCR.)
    590 XP and TCX has similar action... well... to me...
    Another thing, the TCXs are much easy to cast (SAGE people will tell you that too), I tried some sloppy casts in the's hard to make a tailing loop...
  15. I have seen a single photo of the new TCX. Did sage go to some different hardware on this rod? It looked like a titanium (silver) reel seat, not the traditional black.
  16. I picked up a 4, 5 and 8 weight TCX the other day. More powerful and quicker than a Z Axis (traded mine in). No tailing loops if you overpower it. This was a problem I had with the z axis. Very fast tip recovery. Extremely accurate. What can I say? Get one.

    By the way. If you think they are expensive in the USA try paying UK prices!!
  17. Hello,

    Went fishing today, with my new Sage TCX 691-4. Never had a better feeling during the cast! Cool new toy!(See picture)

    Just wanted to hear, if any one got some recomandations for a good line on it?

    Right now i am using a Scierra HMT 8wt WF. It has a 17grams belly, and feels right. But im looking into getting an S.A. GPX og Exp.dist. What line klass would fit?



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