sage xp thread color and single foot guides?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by hendersonbaylocal, Jan 16, 2008.

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    I'm gonna be building up a sage xp 4100-4 and thinking about single foot guides to lighten up the tip a bit. Any opinions? Rod is going to be for all around use... trout fishing with nymphs/streamers, SRC fishing, etc.

    Also - anyone know what the thread color was that sage used on the xp? I've heard gudebrod 340A... ring a bell? any other suggestions for thread that looks good on this blank?


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    I'm currently working on my second XP 490 I don't fish em, I got a deal on a couple of blanks and I give them as gifts. Makes you popular with the family!

    I'm building the rod with the English Bronze snake/stripping guides and one of the bronze "Classic English hook tenders." I like the classic look of them, and it's closer to a 'stealth' look with a bit less flash. I preface with that because that leads to my thread color choice.

    I actually used a leftover thread of Pacbay mocha - Y100A-MA. With a hit of CP it matches up really good with the blank, and fantastic with the english bronze hardware. I did succumb to a little flash - trim rings with metallic gold (M100A-GD). The rod looked so-so under indoor lighting, but amazing when you got it outside. I will try to see if I can get some good natural light photos of it so you can see the color combination.

    As far as the single foot, I can tell you that the 9 footer doesn't suffer at all with the standard size 1 guides (as opposed to thin 0/1 recommended). Cast against a factory rod and you can't tell the difference.

    Hopefully you'll find someone who can supply some firsthand experience, but I would guess that it will be fine without. Slap a heavy-old medalist on it and cast all day :thumb:

    Let us know how the build goes!
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    Use a different color. What they use is ugly.

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    jobyksu - thanks! sounds like your family is getting hooked up!

    speir - suggestion then?
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    #5427 if I remember right
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    jobyksu - it would be really interesting to see a photo of the wraps if you have one! just got the blank yesterday and itching to start wrapping!