Sage Z-Axis 7136 Skagit Recomendation

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Jeff Hale, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. I own a Sage Z-Axis 7136 and was told to arm it with a 450 grain Skagit head. I can cast it, but it sure doesn't seem to load very well. Anybody else own this rod and if so, what weight Skagit head are you using? I have 15 FOOT, TYPE 6 tip attached to it. I was thinking of going up to the 550 or 600 grain line. I'm interested in effecient distance and larger flies.

    Also, I have done a search but am unable to find a webpage that people have mentioned that has various rod makers and the particular Spey rod models and which lines cast best with them; can anybody direct me to where I can find this webpage? Am I mistaken or does a page like this exist? I could have sworn I've heard guys talking about it. Thanks a ton. Jeff
  2. 500 no cheater is the recommended line.
  3. i have been throwing it with a 450 with a 5 foot cheater and like it, have a couple buddys who fish it the way ken mentioned and like it. just got an 8/9 skagit two hand that should rock, and an 8/9 afs that should rock as well. i definitely wouldnt go to 550 or 600. go talk to brett at creekside, i know he's really familiar with it.
  4. I've got the Z-Axis 7136 and a 450 grain Airflo Compact Skagit on it. For touch and go casts, it seems fine. But when I try casts like the snap-t or double spey and cast using water tension, it doesn't seem like it's enough weight to load it. I'm sure that my technique has something to do with it.

    FWIW, Deschutes Angler recommends 550-660 grain skagit lines for the Z-7136. I've been tempted to get the 570 grain and give it a go.

    Also, RIO and Airflo both have spreadsheets on their sites that list line recommendations for various 2 handed rods.
  5. I have it armed with the 550gr Rio. Kicks ass. No cheater needed.
  6. Thanks a ton guys! Jeff
  7. A bit off topic, but: How do you guys like the 7136 Z-Axis? I'm thinking about building one, but I'm torn between this and a similar Meiser....
  8. Ethan, I tried a bunch of 7-8 weight rods and liked the Sage 7136 the best. Aaron at River Run Anglers in Carnation, WA has the 7136 on the try rack. The only way to know for sure is to try it out yourself.
  9. Google "rio spey line recommendations", and the first or second thing that pops up will be a pdf file of all Rio's line recommendations for a good portion of the popular spey rods out there. I'm not sure if the other line makers have something like this, but it's pretty easy to take the grain weight of a line that Rio recommends and apply it to a line made by someone else.
  10. Ethan, I traded in my Z-Axis for a Meiser MKS 13' 6/7 and I will never go back. The Meiser is a great rod that loads and casts like a dream. Nothing wrong with the Z-Axis, I just like my Meiser better.


  11. Listen to this I just bought his 9wt off him!!!

    I have the 5126 as my trout spey but it handles summer runs and allot bigger fish equally as well...I have the 5/6 cnd gps on it and it will throw the whole line with tight loops...I love that rod and hope to equally love the 9wt version...

    Popping your anchor with the AFS is a problem I had when trying a skagit on the 5wt...I never found one I liked..(didn't look too hard either) as the cnd just kicked too much ass on this rod...
  12. For the Z-axis 7136 I've got the airflo 600 with Varivas running line. The set up is awesome, even when you are trying to throw 12 ft. of T-14 and a big intruder. Definitely the setup I'd go with, especially because you can get a mid 400's floating Vision head with a 14 foot floating poly-leader for swinging on the surface. I switch back and forth between those two lines depending on the time of day/river. Both are incredibly fun to cast and have no trouble loading the rod, whether you are doing a snap t, snake roll, or double spey.

    Varivas running line is the slickest stuff I've ever seen--and you can get 150 feet for $40, which means you have enough for two rods.

    Check out the Deschutes angler if you can't find Vision lines or Varivas running line.
  13. The Sage Z-Axis 7136 is one of the most popular rods that I have ever been around. It is so popular I have sold not one but two to a Client that wanted a spare from the same batch lot.
    The rod has a very unique load distribution flex with in its grain window.
    I would use the 450 Skagit to throw T-14 and large flies.
    I have used a 500-grain Skagit and 24 ft of T-8 for some of my demo’s.
    I prefer the Compact Skagit at 480 grains for most of my work.
    The head that really makes the rod sing is a AFS in 7/8 a at 460 grains for windy days and large flies.
    I use the 6/7 at 400 grains for most of my Demo’s. I like the max line speed for the least amount of work.
    I use the 6/7 CND GPS for working with long line.
    It's 512 grains over 60 ft turns the Sage Z-Axis 7136 into a greased line machine.

    I have used the 8/9 Carron 684 grains over 65 ft on the rod and cast an easy 120 ft with it.
    But the rod was loaded way into the cork and would not take this kind of loading very long before failure.

    I hope this helps

  14. Hey Speybum..

    Good words...I would like to know more about these afs heads...I'm debating on this rod as now that I have the 5126 and 9143 they are both two of the nicest rods of cast...The 9143 with a 650 skagit is just stupid...I haven't used a skagit in over a year, just rather not strip that much..but this combo, once I slowed it down and put the kinney shoulder move into it..just threw such darts it sucked all the line I had laid out no problem...It's also very nice with the cnd gps and delta long and reg.

    Now looking at my needs for down here, the 7wt makes allot of sense too...I was worried the shorter AFS head would "pop" too easy so would really like to hear how you set it up? etc.

    Many thanks...
  15. golfman65
    Speycasting from the soul along with from the soles.
    I was a student of the late Mike Maxwell and understanding his body transfer method of casting was a great blessing.
    Mike’s body transfer method of casting used the Core muscle groups of the back and chest to not only work the fore and aft casting stroke but the anchor repositioning movements of all the Speycasts.
    I can remember talking to Mike at the 1993 Conclave and heeding his advise.
    Let the body lead the shoulder, let the shoulder lead the arms and let the arms lead the hands. Keep the elbow pointed down and better yet forward in the back cast.
    My $.02 worth

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