FS Sage Z-Axis 8110-4 #8 Line 11' Switch Rod

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by UplandMontana, Apr 30, 2013.

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    PRICE UPDATE...I am offering this pretty much brand new (only used twice) 8-weight four piece Sage switch rod for $550. I have a PayPal account and will cover shipping costs.

    IMG_0708.JPG IMG_0711.JPG
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    A nice set-up for steelhead!
  3. hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

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    you might want to do a litle research on pricing. a brand spankin new discontinued rod probably wont bring as much as a used ONE, which are usually selling for 500-600. might be a little easier to move at a much lower price. great stick you have there.
  4. UplandMontana New Member

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    Agreed...but it's hard to give away a really good outfit that's essentially brand new. New price posted $550 or best offer.