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  1. Good for you Poirierpro! Enjoy!

    For all the "skip sage and go with XYZ custom rods" I must to say I love both my Z-axis speys. I built the 6wt and run it with 450g rio skagit (I know its silly for all those anti stripping, got to cover more water faster folks but Skagit like is what I'm used to casting all winter/spring). Its a cool rod, and as Bendow says its a bit softer/slower that the higher wts but compaired to other 6wts it seemed to have the pep I was looking for. For winter fish on Sauk/Skagit I use and really enjoy my Z-axis 9wt spey. It is FAST and can really send some line out.

    So for any others looking at the sage vs others I say its far from a no-brainer to go with smaller outfits offerings. The Z-axis is a fine choice among a host of great rods. Each caster has his/her preferences and quarks, the Z is a good fit for some.
  2. Check out the Z5126. I just spent a week with it on the Deschutes. It handled wind and 10' fast sink pollyleaders great. Just seemed to be the perfect rod for the 6 to 12 lbs fish.
  3. I have the same rod and absolutely love it. Definately a perfect Deschutes rod. It has a slower feel because it flexes through the blank without any loss of power and little to no tip deflection on the forward cast but I would call it a med/slow rod.

    I'm curious what you line it with? My personal preference is a custom cut 360 grain Vision Ace with 14 polyleaders that cast as far as I need. I have played around with a 400 grain Skagit as well but jury's still out on that one.
  4. 365 grain Vision Ace, and love it. Im still playing around with different Skagit lines as well
  5. I was considering the 8129 for a heavier winter steelhead, silvers, ect rod, and will be doing most of my fishing on the Skagit or other local S rivers. would that be a good choice or would the 8134 be better?
    I also had designs of delving into scandi style casting with this rod. Im still just a capable beginner when it comes to spey rods and would rather spend the money on something I could grow into rather than limit myself with.
  6. Michael-
    I own the 8134 but have never cast the 8129. I bought the 8134 because "I heard" it was the softer of the two (cast skagit mostly) so I took the chance because it's tough to demo rods up norf. I'm told it was built for chinook, and it takes quite the load for me to make it work (650 skagit) but george cook, who designed the stick, likes 550 (big guy, better cast). I haven't tried a 600 rio skagit (others think this is THE line) but I did try a compact 630 with longish tips and was blowing anchors like pam an. I bought it as a big water big steelhead rod, and it is just that, but splashing 900 grains down every cast sucks. I liked it with an 8/9/10 windcutter but who fishes windcutters; ) Either way the grip is currently being shaved in hopes of getting more feel from lighter heads. Send me a pm if you want to try it out because last time I checked, none of those weekend on the river try this rod shops had the 8134 as a demo, but from what I remember they do have the 8129- river run anglers I think...
  7. From most reliable sources I have: you definitely want the 7136-4 for the all around winter steelhead Z-Axis experience.
  8. I possess a rod Z-axis 612´6, a rod Z-axis 812´9 and a rod Z-axis 914´3. My favorite one is the Z-axis 812´9, it is excellent to fish in the Rio Grande of Tierra del Fuego, ideal for strong winds, the use with it lines Rio skagit 600 and with Rio Mainstream it lines #8, excellent combination.

    Pepe Borzi
  9. I really cant say enough about my 7136 really is nice to cast all day long. I've tried 10-12' of T-14 with a nice sized loop leech...bombs away! If you dont like the 8134 you could always try and trade for a 7136...I would ask around.
  10. thanks poirierpro, I've heard great things about the 7136. I REALLY want to cast one but one thing that has been eating at me about this rod is that most folks seem to like 510gr compacts and I need a solid 550 rod (at least) for what I want to fish. I'm pretty secure with the 8134, it's my cannon/deeeeeeeep swinging stick but I still need to fill that 7wt slot, plus I would like something a little shorter than 13'6"...
  11. The 7126 TCX is out and is a sick stick. A 540 compact and its gone.
  12. Yeah I'm curious but also heard it was a broom handle. Looking for more of a traditional, full flexing rod with a stiff tip, a true 7wt <13'.
  13. The 7126 TCX...aka the “Deathstar” a really cool rod. Super fast action...not very good with Skagit lines in my opinion...but will bomb a Scandi line like no other. Your timing with this rod has to be so perfect and has little room for error. I tell you what I really like the way the Winston BIIx’s cast…very light.
  14. normally specific rod recommendations are a dime a dozen, as in "here's what I've got" ... but when it comes to "strong tip - full flex" there are a few rods that really stand out.

    if you want something under, at, or over 13', consider an MKS. For something a bit over 13', the Burkheimer 7134 is delightful with skagit 540/550, a full flex zinger. Sage 7136 is good, as is the Decho 13' 7 wt. Deer Creek 13' 7/8. They'll all take a 550, no problem. The CND 13'4" is excellent, but is really flexed hard at 550, and most like 510/530. There's a nice Clan 13' 7/8 that I've tossed only with floating lines, and it has the flex profile you mention. There are others, but they either won't toss 550, or they tend towards faster actions that aren't lazy enough for what you seem to want. Hope that helps narrow the field ... enjoy!
  15. Thanks SSPey. I have the decho 7130 and it works well but I'm now looking for higher modulus. I find the MKS a little on the heavy side. I've cast the burkie 7134 and although it was one of the most unbelievable rods I've ever cast (as a newb) it felt like a big rod, almost an 8wt, which I have covered with the 8134. I am getting curious about the 7128 burkheimer but the price could give me nightmares.
  16. I have the Z Axis 7136 and 8129 and the TCX 7126. Have fished the 8134 this fall. My impressions - and I am still fairly new to spey:

    The 7136 is the softest and most traditional. Very easy to cast with a 500-525 skajit. Works fine with a Vision head at 450gr.

    The 8129 is faster. Throws a Airflo 600 gr. compact skagit with any tip great. Nice scandi rod, with a Beulah Elixir 520

    The 7126 is wicked fast. Unbelievable with an Airflo 480 Compact scandi. Didn't get the skagit dialed in with a Rio 550. I think a 575-600gr would be better

    The 8134 flexs lower into the rod than the 8129. Throws both scandi and skagit well, but the 8129 is better with the scandi lines. The 8134 would be better with longer belly lines.

    So my 2 cents: the 7136 and 8134 are the best all around. But I enjoy the 8129 the most. For most NW fishing, the 7 wt. is the best all around choice IMO. So either the 7136 or the Winston B2X 7.
  17. iagree

    For an "all around" 13'ish 7wt...its hard to beat the 7136 Z and the BIIx 7/8 (more like a true 7 IMO)
  18. I like a skagit compact 540 on the 7126
    As far as scandi compacts I have fished both the 510 and 480. So far I like the 510 for pure distance. I have only had the 480 on the rod a few days now.

    I would really like to fish a 8129 some more. I have alot of buddies fishing this rod and swear that it is one of there favorites. From anything from large bows to kings. I am thinking light king stick.
  19. TCX 7126

    I had a trial at our recent Clave with the TCX 7126 lined with CND 7/8 GPS. Gutsy light weight rod.. Powerfull.

    I took the reel and line specifically to shop a couple 13'6" 7wts. First up was Scott T2H which was nice but felt slightly overlined. No 6/7 to try on it for comparison. 7136 Z Axis, line was to heavy for me, again no 6/7 on hand. The little TCX was surprising.
  20. I just tried the winston, not a huge fan. Need to try the 7136z. What line(s) were you using on the 8134 this fall?

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