WTT Sage Zaxis 5110-4 switch rod

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    WTT: Sage Z Axis 5110-4 Switch
    I have just recently acquired a Sage 5110 switch on a trade. I realize now that I really won't use it for what I thought I would. I'm just looking to trade for something I maybe would use more. I don't really have anything particular I'm looking for. Maybe a 691-4 sage or a sage bass rod. I will entertain any offers so let me know what ya got. This has the original owners name on the blank and some cork soiling. Nice rod other than that.
  2. Steve Saville

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    That's a fine rod. I have one and someone should snap this up. Why not sell it?
  3. mastercaster

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    If you're interested in something a little larger (spey) I have a Scott LS2 1408 14' 8 wt. with an airflo compact skagit to match the rod.

    SPNYFISH Member

    Any offers? Also interested in a reel for an 8wt.
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    Pm sent
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    PM sent