Sage's new product: CIRCA - A Performance slow action rod series

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Nelson, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Fyi, $250 in 1986 would only be about $490 today.
  2. I just hope this rod pushes the price of a ZXL way down so I can afford one.
  3. I'm going to add some speculation here, but my guess is that this rod won't be the TXL-F or ZXL replacement. I am expecting that if/when either of those rods are "upgraded" or discontinued their replacements will be similar in nature to the Z being replaced by One.

    This Circa seems more like another addition of a "niche" rod in Sage's lineup--think ESN, 99.

    There are few if any products out there--inside the fishing industry or not-- with the Made in the USA stamp on them and few if any of them are as cheap as they once were. I for one am glad to see an American company holding strong in the world marketplace.
  4. +1 !!!
  5. That is awesome Jim! I'll go for that in a few years too!
  6. Holy blast from the past. Davy, where the hell you been?
  7. I found a ZXL on a clearance rack last year here in the Northwest, that is why I am kind of surprised they are coming out with this rod I thought the ZXL didn't really do that well?
  8. I've cast both a 590LL and a 589-4 CIRCA and they aren't the same rod. The LL feels a bit stiffer in the middle section but the CIRCA seems to have higher line speed.
  9. One of the last things I need is another rod. I don't even want to cast a new one. The ones I have work fine to catch fish and I'm more into catching fish than casting line. I didn't have this attitude when I first started fly fishing... I thought I had to keep up with the latest and greatest... that became damned expensive.

    So, I'm content with my old Sages, Winston and new TFOs. (but my favorite rod is a old Orvis Clearwater from a beginner's kit -- which makes it my least expensive rod)
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  10. Having new rods around is kind of annoying when you like all your other rods just fine. I have decided I will not be purchasing a rod until 2015, only trades and sales are allowed. I still have an LL 4wt bought in November that hasn't seen water since other rods I have are more suitable to winter fishing.
  11. Tried this......and horribly failed, of course.

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