salmon on a fly

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by rainbow, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. Ok I guess the only way to tell you is to show you the picture's
    It took half an hour to land it on A 5/6 rod with A 6 pound leader and a nimph.

    It wore me out

    mid nema river on hyway 101 under bridge.
  2. Vicious cool teeth! I don't normally fish for salmon, but what kind of salmon is that again? Sweeet!

    "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
    Matthew 4:19
  3. It is a chinook. It was the bigest thing I ever caught on a 5/6 weight rod. I was the greatest. It faught like a horse.
  4. Not to be nitpicky, but that's definitely a chum, not a chinook. Chums are an absolute blast on a fly rod.
  5. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I believe it is a Chum Salmon and as dark as it is I'd let it go also. But I bet it put up one hell of a fight. He's lucky it didn't break his rod. chum are good for that.

  6. WOW! Nice fish on a 5/6 weight! It took a while to load the pics, but congratulations!

    Any chance that is a chum? :DUNNO I haven't seen many chinook with coloring like that. I'm not the most experienced salmon fisher, however.

  7. Hey Circlespey, looks like I was 1 minute late on your same observation!

  8. It's a chum.
    Nice to see there are already a few in the rivers. I havn't even seen any silvers in the rivers yet, let alone a chum.

    Looks like you released it though. :SAD Between the net, the rocks, time out of water, and a 30 min battle I would be shocked if the fish is still alive. It would be a miracle if that thing has enough strength left to spawn. Probably should have kept it if it were legal to do so. If not, it should have been broken off right away. Just because they look tough and mean, doesn't mean they shouldn't be handled carefully.
  9. Hate to say otherwise my friend, but thats a chum...
  10. It definitly rested A minute. But It did take of just fine!
  11. Sorry rainbow but I agree it's a chum. But they are fun to catch on a fly.
  12. Ok I guess it is a chum, but it was definitly a blast. A fight I wount soon forget.
  13. I agree that it was a chum... a chum that was faught for too long on too light of tackle, then poorly released.
  14. I went there for src's and ended up with this. What do you mean poorly released, I made sure I got pictures so that some body woundent say that. And you do it any way. Why?
  15. Rainbow, no mater how hard we try we can never please everybody. I still think it was a nice fish and hope you enjoyed catching it as much as the pictures show.
  16. It may have swam off, but that doesn't really = survival. Most fish that are going to die actually will die after they have been back in the water a few minutes. It's called delayed mortality.

    Another thing to remember is that fish was in the river for one reason, to spawn. A 30 minute battle takes away a lot of stored enegry that they need to make their migration and to spawn successfuly. Since they are not feeding in fresh water, they rely on stored proteins and energy from their salt water life. During the battle it probably used up a lot of this energy, thus greatly decreasing it's chances of spawning. The fact that you put in on the rocks, wrapped it in a net, and had it out of the water for a minute, is even worse.

    I hope you don't treat all the fish you catch like this.
  17. I probably would have fought it in just like rainbow did. To his credit, he did revive and release it. While it may not have survived, there's a better chance of survival than if he had bonked it. (Besides, who's going to eat a spent chum??? There's a reason they're called DOG salmon!)
  18. Breaking it off would have been the best solution. I also don't consider putting a fish on the rocks and leaving it out of the water reviving it. :AA
    As far as chum go, that thing is far from spent, and would be a good canidate for the smoker. Better their than floating belly up which is what it's doing right now.
  19. the whole prossess took 30 seconds. how else do you sappose I am gone to get the hook out of a 20-25 pound fish. I mean It isent a trout that I can do in my hand or somthing. And I cant do in the net with it flopping around.
    I mean look at it it is still wet. It took off just fine. chill out.
    If it will make you happy I'll go back to the river tomorrow after work and check up on it.
  20. To unhook it, leave it in the water and hold it just in front of the tail (while it's still in the water). Assuming you are fishing barbless, just reach for the hook with your hands or hemostats and gently remove it. This entire process can be done without the fish ever leaving the water. If you need a picture, hold it in front of the tail and lift it under it's belly. Picture can be taken in only a few seconds.

    30 seconds of being in a net, on the rocks and out of the water is way too long for any fish. I guess it's a chum, so it's really not a huge deal, but had this been a wild steelhead i'd be pissed. Just try to be a little more careful. Pretend it's you in the water.

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