Salmon Smolt Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ak_powder_monkey, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. hey folks smolting season is coming up...

    Here are the rules:
    NO clousers!
    Must reply in this thread before Monday Feb 18
    Deadline For flies is March 10

    I'm doing a bead chain smolt
    slippery_whippet - thorne river emerger
    clint_f with the chum baby
    zach m - another chum baby
    gigharbor - glow fry
    cruncher - ??
  2. Interesting. What would general lengths be? 6-8"? What are trying to fish for and in the salt or fresh water?
  3. Why don't you put me down for a "Thorne River Emerger"
  4. I fish 1.5-4 inch smolt
  5. Come on, someone out there must be able to do a Triggs "Chum Baby" or something similar. Let's get this party started!!! bawling:
  6. OK! Count me in. I will do the Chum Baby.

  7. Matt,
    I presume he's talking about chum and pink smolts which head down to salt water as soon as they swim up from the gravel. at this point they are only 1 to 1 1/4 inches in length.
  8. Yeah, I was trying to think if a small imitation with just a bit of the egg sac hanging off would be the trick. Or just the standard 6" hare and marabou streamer. Either way, I wish I had time to jump on this one.
  9. If the egg sac has not been fully absorbed the critter is, technically, an alevin (pronounced al'-a-vin). Most, if not all, chum and pink smolts have completely absorbed the egg sac before they enter salt water.
  10. Yeah and when those egg sacs are still visible, most of the fishin is shut down. That puts me back at my standard hare and marabou and adjusting length to the time of year or type of water.
  11. anybody else?
  12. Ill get in this one i guess. i will find out what pattern clint is tying cuz i also would like to do a chum baby
  13. I'll get in on it with a glow fry... It is effective at night when chum fry are migrating out of the creeks...
  14. cool one maybe 2 more?
  15. I'll join if not too late. Surprised there weren't more takers. I'll do a salmon fry.
  16. Zach, I am doing bobs chum baby.

  17. Mine are ready to go. I tied 10 up, so you can keep any extras. Just need an address.
  18. Hey AKPM, are you out there? Is this swap still on?

    Never did get a final count of what to send in either but it looks like only 5 takers maybe? :confused: Any updates would be slick.
  19. finished 5 do i need anymore?
  20. I've got five flies ready, if I need more than that please let me know. I will also need to get your address off of you if you could please PM me.

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