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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ak_powder_monkey, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. ok cruncher is in... 5 flies each will PM my addy
  2. Please do for me too so I can send mine. Thanks:thumb:
  3. I have also finished and am waiting for an address.

  4. I think our powder monkey is MIA. :( Doesn't matter that there are only 5 or so players, not much communication going on in this swap by the swapmeister.

    Don't see how anyone is going to meet his deadline of next Monday either since he's in Alaska, not withstanding we don't have an address to send to. It'll take a little while longer to get there from the Midwest for me too. Could've had mine in the mail last week but ..........
  5. Anyone hear from ak_powder_monkey?? Just waiting on an address now...
  6. I think this swap is dead. Since I asked for his address back in my 2/28 post, AKPM has posted about 10 times elsewhere on this site, so he's been around and active but seems not to be interested in following through. That is something I've never seen from a swapmeister, usually it's the swappers that need a little kick in the arse to get flies in on time. I did not have a good feeling when you other guys were done too, ready to mail, asked for an addy and still no response. Surely a red flag in my opinion.
  7. i know i'm not in this swap but just browsing and this sparked my curiousity so i looked his name up and was on the site today. i feel like such a snitch, oh well. shitty deal
  8. Well if we don't hear from him by next Wednesday (the 19th) does everyone just want to send them to me and I will do all of the pics and send them out???
  9. This might be the smallest swap ever ..........

    Sounds like a plan to me, so we shall christen thee the Swapmeister then.

    It looks like we are all ready, so why not just do it now, unless some other players want to join in last second, even though most have been scared away by now :rofl:

    Your call Mr. G
  10. I think we will give it till next Wednesday so that AK_powdermonkey has a weeks warning and time to get his address to us before we just take the swapmeister title from him. Other wise if the other people in on this one want vote to just end it now, I will send my address out right away.

    If there are any more takers on joining by then that would be fine by me.
  11. Yeah, he was active today. He hasn't contacted me on my swap either.
  12. Just a thought, since we have a low swapper count, and I would guess we had tied a few extra anyways, what if we double what we send to Gig? Personally, I've never used flies I've gotten in a swap and saved them for reference as ties, this way we can actually tie one on and fling it and then save the other.

    Plus, I only really need to get one of mine back for the remembrance of the swap tiers. How does that sound?
  13. Sounds like the vote to go ahead and send to flies to me was unanimous. I like the double the flies idea, and I will let everyone know. I will also send everyone a PM with my address.
  14. Address sent, please send me a PM if you have any questions.
  15. Came back from the PO, they're on the way.
  16. Same same for me as well.
  17. so do i send them to gigharborflyfisher? sorry i have been out but my birthday was on wednesday, i broke my collar bone, i have had the WASL, so i have been pretty busy. hope its not to late to send in my chum babies. If someone would please PM me the info i would greatly appretiate it. so AK powder monkey is out? also are we tying eight flies now? i will try to tie some more but you guys might need to cut me some slack as its kind of hard to lift my right arm right now.
  18. That must've been one heck of a birthday party to break a collarbone :rofl:
  19. Zach the swap got a little complicated, but yes send them to me, and it is 8 flies now.
  20. Got cruncher's flies and they look great!!

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