WTB Salmon / Steelhead Fly Assortment

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Thomas Williams, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. So I tie my own but im not really looking to invest much more money into steelhead and salmon materials. I leace washington for Germany late November. So that being said im looking to spend between $50-$75. I looking for all marabou, hobo spey, intruder, pickyer pockets etc.... Not looking for nymphs. More of a good assortment to carry me until I leave and target many species. Please le me know if you can put something together for me. Thanks.
  2. How many would work for you
  3. I guess that depends on price. What were you thinking? Feel free to pm me
  4. Still looking
  5. I have a huge pile of flies accumulating once again (this happens a lot I have a problem with tying). How about I make a grab bag for ya of steelie/salmon slayers and say $20 and we are even?
  6. Last winter i grabbed a bunch of flies from Sean that he'd posted on spey pages and those things are nearly too nice to fish.
  7. Sounds good Sean. Lets do it. Make me up somethin.
  8. hey there sean. your flies are spectacular! i'll take ya up on the steelhead salmon fly grab bag offer for sure!
    let me know if its possible.....
    thanx mike
  9. Way to steal my thread
  10. If you picked them up off spey pages then they were tied by my good buds Neil and Alyssa from Anadromy Fly Fishing. Glad you liked them, they tie beautiful bugs and are fishy as hell. I link their site in my signature to spread a little love for the little guys out there. I don't tie or guide for them, just sleep on their floor every weekend I can during the winter months.
  11. Ah, per usual my assumptions were wrong. I'm a known idiot so no surprise. At any rate, the flies are crazy nice and were quite the bargain.

    Thanks for the clarification, btw.
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