Salmonfly/GS swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Travis Bille, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. No need. Keep them as good karma coming back to you after that newtyer1 fiasco. The only thing I want back is a picture of my fly in a fish's mouth!

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  2. Just so everyone has it, my address is

    Travis Bille
    1355 Flamingo ct unit A
    McKinleyville, CA 95519
  3. Hey Travis, I was planning on sending an extra of each since I forgot I was part of the 6. Hey, it's my first swap. Could you please put those in the Mayfly Aviator pile?
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  4. I plan on giving all the extras to him, except for the ones Gary tied especially for me
  5. Mine will be done this weekend. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1368194671.775996.jpg
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  6. Okay everyone. keep in mind that the due date is in one week. Everyone seems to be making good progress. Thus far I have only received Gary's flies.
  7. mine went out on Wed., so they should be arriving any day.

  8. Got them today. Nice bugs!

    Due date is Friday, fellas!
  9. Mine will go out today
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  10. Tried mailing mine today but the postal nazi didn't like my packaging. Was on my to a job and didn't have time to "fix" it. Will go out tomorrow a.m. for sure.
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  11. Thanks...I re-tested the ones with the golden pheasant tied in as an under-wing. a resounding success. I had many more fish commit outright to that than any other fly I threw.
  12. Excellent to know! I'm going to fish the rogue in two weeks and hopefully the stones will be out soon enough for me to give it a go!
  13. Mine went out today. Postal clerk said you should have them in three days.
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  14. Did they get there yet?
  15. Just got flies from Thom and wabowman! Gonna make the wife sort them out tonight and hopefully I'll send them out on Monday.

    Extras will be going to mayfly aviator, I bet he'll love them. These are great flies guys, excellent job!
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  16. Alright gentleman, and Gary. The flies are in the mail. Please let me know when you get them.

    Flies are on the way to Mayfly aviator too.
  17. Got the flies...great ties! I feel a little under qualified for this one, but I do know that the fish like it...

    I'll probably be testing these out in a couple of weekends...
  18. Got mine today. Love em! Echo Randall"s sentiment, you guys roll some amazing bugs. First swap, so much fun, felt like Christmas. Will definately try get into others if I can get up to your guys level.
  19. And Travis, great job as Meister!
  20. Got mine today too! Great ties all. What you guys can do with foam is amazing, I'm terrible with it. Travis, what did you use for the underwing?

    Randall, what hook did you use?

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