SALON - DECEMBER - Winter's Hope

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Thomas Mitchell, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Jack Devlin

    Jack Devlin Active Member

    Just having some fun. A fly fisherman's version of a "Dupont Spinner". Not to detract from the really nice ties submitted.
  2. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    I think the silver tag would bring them in for a closer look
    I don’t imagine you do a lot of false casting
    well done!
  3. Jack Devlin

    Jack Devlin Active Member

    NO false casting. I most often use a very long spey rod and have developed a cast I call "the perry-poke-and run".
  4. Thomas Mitchell

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    It's not a democracy... ;)

    Marty's fly is beautiful but a copy of the original pattern is probably the last thing I'll choose as a winner. From my original post on the theme:

    Please do not be constrained by the obvious link to Bill McMillan's classic fly pattern. While copies or reinterpretations of that pattern are a fine example of tying for this theme, there could be other interpretations completely unrelated to that fly pattern. After all, he had to be thinking about something when he first named it... A less-than-literal approach is the whole point of this thing.

    Other adjudicators can decide on the 'winner' however they like but for me, it'll be the fly that teaches me something or makes me want to get back to my tying desk.
  5. Drifter

    Drifter Active Member

    Awesome work ! That fly would be a crime to fish . it should be displayed . I could do that for you ;-) at my house.
  6. Jeff Sawyer

    Jeff Sawyer Active Member

    That not a fly, that's a piece of Art. Shame to get that wet.
  7. Thomas Mitchell

    Thomas Mitchell Active Member

    Hopefully, we get a few more entries. Still a week to go...

    Here's my 'non-scoring' entry and explanation:

    I've never caught a wild, native winter steelhead, only hatchery fish for me so far. My hope is that I change that fact this season with a fish from one of the coastal rivers of the Olympic Peninsula. As I wrote in my blog here, it's my favorite place to be. What would make that experience even better would be to catch that fish on a 'classic-inspired' pattern of my own design. So here's one of the initial prototypes for that fly.

    I have been reading a lot of Roderick Haig-Brown's writing over the last couple seasons so the goal was to tie something that he or his British Columbia contempories would recognize as a 'killing fly' for PNW steelhead. Another strong influence in the pattern was the work of a fellow known as 'whiskeyjin' over on the speypages website, especially the use of a synthetic underwing and shrimpy profile.

    My winter's hope is to catch a native OP steelhead on this pattern or a close variant. Given the influences noted above and my 'Bama-bred predilection for a particular libation, I've named it the Bourbon Prawn.

  8. Jack Devlin

    Jack Devlin Active Member

    Thomas. I like the fly. Bears close resemblance to Wentworth/Glasso "Quillayute (Quileute)" yes?
  9. Thomas Mitchell

    Thomas Mitchell Active Member

    To the top. Hoping for a few more entries!
  10. Richard Torres

    Richard Torres Active Member

    Okay I will add one.

    The Blue Charm, a fly Roderick Haig Brown states:

    "For greased line fishing only two flies are necessary, the Blue Charm and the Lady Caroline".

    To be more accurate, the tail on my fly should be Golden Phesant Crest. I only had available Phesant Tips.

    I feel this fly exemplify's winter colors so I used it- Blue resembles ice and blue sky mornings, orange shades resemble sunrises and sunsets.

    I will try to post the fly that shows more.
  11. pittendrigh

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  12. Steve Rohrbach

    Steve Rohrbach Puget Sound Fly Fisher

    Thomas, thank you for a very creative tying opportunity. Winter's Hope used to mean standing in a river waiting for the pulse of steel on the end of my line. I enjoyed the solitude and remember one morning on the Sky with snow flakes the size of potato chips falling. Winter's Hope has now followed me to the saltwater where I spend most of my angling hours. Winter's Hope now congers images of large Coastal Cutthroat or Resident Coho aggressively hitting my fly. I took Bill McMillan's colors and converted them to a flat wing tube fly. I tied the fly two ways, first without weight so that I can skate it on the surface with a floating line. I then added a ProTube Orange Cone to allow the fly to fish subsurface. My hope is that tomorrow I will have my flies rewarded with willing fish on Hood Canal.

    Happy New Year.
  13. kelvin

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  14. pittendrigh

    pittendrigh Active Member

    The Blue Charm was hidden behind a link. I found it. Put it there.

    How does this owrk? Do we vote? Can we vote for our own fly?
    I wouldn't vote for mine anyway. Too many other good ones.

    Remember the movie Putney Swope? Where the board of directors (of the TV advertising agency) weren't allowed to vote for themselves, so they all voted for the token black guy, thinking no one else would. He ended up chairman of the board.

    Made a zillion dollars doing racy commercials. Not sure how any of that relates to fly tying. But it reminded me of it. Somehow.
  15. Thomas Mitchell

    Thomas Mitchell Active Member

    Sandy - read the rules, it's not a vote. I am the adjudicator of this Salon. I choose the winner.

    The winner then gets to choose the next theme and winner for that theme, and so on and on as long as people are interested in continuing the monthly contests.

    If everyone followed the directions, we wouldn't need a separate gallery as all the flies are supposed to be posted to the members' WFF gallery which is very simple and get's them in the WFF archive not a bunch of varied websites.
  16. pittendrigh

    pittendrigh Active Member

    follow the rules?
  17. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    coup d'etat
  18. Richard Torres

    Richard Torres Active Member

    There you go. Now you know who to brown nose... :rolleyes::clown:
  19. Steve Rohrbach

    Steve Rohrbach Puget Sound Fly Fisher

    Steve and I headed to Hood Canal today to test Winter's Hope. The snow on the Olympics would prove to be a good omen. Fishing was not red hot but steady and Winter's Hope was rewarded. The weighted version of the fly produced a small Resident Coho. Switching to the unweighted version brought two nice Coastal Cutthroat to hand. The pattern was fishy and I will continue to refine it to be one of my go-to Winter patterns.

    Happy New Year. View attachment 46835 View attachment 46836 View attachment 46837 View attachment 46838
  20. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    looking good Steve