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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jonathan Walkenberg, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. I have a friend coming in from out of town next month and want to get him into some salmon on the fly. I know there should be some pinks around as well as coho. We are hoping to find a guide with a boat to maximize his time and get as good a shot as possible of hooking up. Does anyone have any reccomendations for guides that can put us into a few salmon?
  2. The only legal saltwater salmon fly-fishing guide I'm aware of in the area is Capt Keith Robbins -
  3. Captain Keith is a long time friend of mine and an exceptionally knowlegable guide. He has fished Puget Sound for years and his 20' Grady-White will get you around fast and comfortably.
    Les Johnson
  4. I can vouch for Cart. Keith also. Make sure you rib him good about his being on the the "City Limits" tv show on Versus.

  5. thanks guys. I just tried to book a trip with Keith but he says he is going to be mooching for salmon. I guess he is pretty busy during the king season.
    Any other reccomendations?

    alpine- do people actually guide for salmon illegally around here and get away with it? maybe i am reading too much into it but it seems that is what you are saying.
  6. There have been cases where guides have tried to use loopholes such as "salmon schools" and "not targeting salmon" to get around the requirement for a salmon charter license. Since the state is not issuing new salmon charter licenses, the only guides who can legally take clients for salmon in saltwater either already have the license or have to buy one from a retiring guide.
  7. I believe there are 2 legal ones. Like alpine said some people do try to guide for cutts and "not target" salmon but its a crock of shit.
    If keith isnt available you should also get in touch with Matt McCulloch of Tyee charters. He will be busy with the salmon season as well but might have a morning or evening free to take you guys. He is also much more reasonably priced than anyone else that offers fly fishing trips on the salt.
    good luck.
  8. Don't forget Ben Zander at Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek. I don't think he fishes from a boat. Just from the beach.
  9. Is Tom Wolf still guiding on Puget Sound?
  10. +1
  11. In the original post he said he was looking for a boat-based charter.
  12. Tom Wolf still has his ad and contact info at the Blanton site. I have watched Tom work with clients a couple of times. He has an interesting approach to getting at the fish.
  13. I heard scuttlebutt that Capt Tom is back in business this season.
  14. can you be guided legally off the beach for salmon?
  15. you could be but i dont know of anyone with the proper lic. that doesnt fish from a boat. Like i said before, I only know of Matt and Keith but it looks like Tom Wolf is another option. I have never heard of him.
  16. I don't know how to contact Wolf, but Jim Kerr may. Jim has (or had a license in the past), and has guided salt, so he knows the players, but he is working rivers just now. I believe he can steer you in the right direction. I like Jim and trust his judgment.

    360.301 4559
  17. Both Leland Miyawaki (call Orvis) and Bob Young (206-323-2189) are licensed to guide from Puget Sound beaches. You just need a guide license, not a full-fledged capatain's papers.
  18. it is my understanding from when i was guiding locally(from the beach) that you could not target salmon in the salt without a salmon charter lic. which the state is no longer issuing. I could be wrong but that is how i understand it.
  19. I have heard from fish and wildlife that you need a charter license for guide salmon, beach or boat. The way the regulations are written is quite confusing though...

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