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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jonathan Walkenberg, Jun 30, 2009.

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    It is probably correct that you can't target salmon from the beach. I'm not sure about this. When I fish with either of them they aren't guiding me. We're just fishing. It would be good to have the matter cleared up thoughj.
    Unless I hear otherwise I humbly retract my offer of possibly putting my pals Leland and Bov into harms way with the fish police.
    I'm back to Captain Keith who is probably booked through July.
    Les Johnson
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    From the FAQ's at

    If I don’t use a boat, do I need a license to guide from the shore?
    Yes, except for salmon or other food fish in Marine Areas 1 through 13 (including Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor), the Columbia River downstream of the Longview Bridge, and Lake Washington.

    Depending on how your interpret this, it either means you can guide from shore for salmon and other food fish without a license, or that you can guide from shore with a license(they don't mention which kind of license), but not for salmon or other food fish. I suspect that the latter is true since there is no mention of any exceptions in the actual requirements:

    If you accept a fee to take a person fishing for salmon in Marine Areas 1 through 13 (including 2-1 Willapa Bay, 2-2 Grays Harbor, 8-1 and 8-2), Lake Washington, or the Columbia River downstream of the Longview Bridge, you must:
    -Have a valid salmon charter license,
    -Have a valid angler permit for the number of persons fishing from the vessel, and
    -Have valid vessel registration decals and angler trip decals permanently affixed to your vessel.

    If you accept a fee to take a person fishing for salmon in freshwater, except Lake Washington and the Columbia River downstream of the Longview Bridge, you must:
    -Have a valid professional salmon guide license, and
    -If you use a vessel, have valid salmon guide decals permanently affixed to your vessel.
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    thats the part that i remember. thanks for posting it up.:thumb:
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    Call Pacific fly Fishers in Mill Creek (they also sponsor the board) one of the guys down there is a flyguide on the salt
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    His name is Ben Zander, I have not had the pleasure of going on a guided trip with him although I would love to here soon.
  6. Pez Gallo On the hunt for grandes

    Good advice. Jim is the man. I trust his judgement on all things fishing related.
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    Emerald Water Anglers. Walk and wade unless they are with Capt. Keith. If Capt Keith isn't available, maybe they have someone else they work with.
    Best dang guide service in the world.
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    You can bet your ass that if you go out with Dave Mcoy or any of his guides, it will be legal, catch and release only and a great day of flyfishing. Dave is a great solid citizen and a super guide/angler. A great personal friend. Coach
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    Hire a guide if you want to get out on a boat with your pal. However if you want to beach fish the middle to south sound, grab your Gazeteer and go to Puget Sound Fly, Gig Harbor Fly Shop or Orvis and ask them which flies are working. Buy those flies then have them show you where they're biting.

    You'll save a bunch of money and your chances of catching fish will only be marginally less, if that, than if you were with a guide.
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    i would venture to guess you are 100% wrong Mike but thats just my opinion. A boat will outfish someone on the beach 99% of the time. And over a full day the chances are much much better from the boat.
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    I wasn't comparing success rates of a fisherman in a boat vs a fisherman on the beach. My point was rather that a competent fisherman on the beach with a minimal amount of local knowledge can be very successful without a guide. This is solely based upon my observation of guided fishermen on south sound beaches and chatting with my friends about their observations. It's not meant as a slam on guides.
  12. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    The greatest advantage to taking a professionally guided trip is local knowledge of the season, an understanding of the fish and forage, experience reading the water, having proven successful flies and understanding their presentation.
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    I can vouch that if Tom Wolf is still guiding he can get you into fish.
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    All depends on your definition of success Mike.

    J.W. - get into a boat and go catch some fish. The amount of available shoreline is damn near limitless and you could fish all day and never see another person. A boat will open this all up to you, paired with a good guide(both Keith and Matt are fantastic) you'll have the opportunity to catch so many more fish than you would from the beach.
  15. Mike T Active Member

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    This is truth!

    Just like any other field the quality of guides varies. I was specifically referring to the occasions where I've come across guides at well known beaches who upon seeing my wife and I tell their client, "this is weird, I've never seen anyone else here". Or those who are sitting in the cab of their trucks talking on the phone while their inexperienced clients are flogging unproductive water only 200 yards or so from where we have been hooking up all morning.

    I've been out with several guides in different areas and have always relied on personal recommendations. I've always had a great experience and came away a better fisherman for it. Maybe I've been spoiled by those guys.

    However I've also seen the frustration on the faces of some guided fishermen on the beach.
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    Hi guys -

    The short answer to my being in Puget Sound for the remainder of the season is yes, I'll be here through mid October.

    The long answer is that I have been feeding my wanderlust the last few years and revisiting some favorite places from the past.

    Alaska - I had the opportunity to work the Katmai Park area the last couple of years and enjoy life among the bruin.

    Jarbidge/Bruneau - We were working on a documentary with Idaho Public Television celebrating the new Wild and Senic status of these two beautiful whitewater rivers. Some of the highlights will include us attempting to run a class V 22 foot water fall that was born 2 hrs before we got there. Film is scheduled for release in 2011.

    I just returned from drift boating the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho, and have logged my 117th trip down that incredible piece of water. Fishing was excellent as expected. This river has gone through more changes (new rapids)in the last 3 years, than in the ten years I worked there full time. This is one every one should see at least once in their life. There is a certain elegance to riding and fishing by drift boat here that just seems perfect.

    As far as licensing goes, please be sure your captain has the proper license for what you want to target in the Sound.
    Washington State Salmon Charter license for any specie of salmon.
    Washington State Game Fish license for Sea-run Cutthroat Trout.
    USCG Coast Guard License to run a boat for hire in the salt.
    Current First Aid Certification
    Current Enrollment in a Drug Testing program.
    TWIC card Transportation Workers Identification Card

    Thanks for being patience with my absence!

    My best,
    T Wolf
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    well, look who the cat dragged in!!
    Tom, you have a PM