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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Gregg Lundgren, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Just a reminder for folks like me, who primarily fish freshwater.

    Most of us are pretty good about rinsing rod, reel, flies, etc. after saltwater fishing, but...

    Bleed and clean a fish in the salt? Don't forget to take care of that knife when you get home. Also, salt spray and salt air can start to do nasty things to your metal fishing accessories over time, stainless steel or not!

    I caught all my stuff in time(WD40 for the win against evil), but it was just a matter of time. All you old salts know this, so this is just for us 'fair weather' salt fishermen.;)
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  2. Ditto! I just bought a 1.5-gal garden pesticide sprayer to rinse my gear off with when I get back to my car. Tap water works fine if you apply enough, but does anyone have any experience with salt-away type solutions?
  3. Boesheild T-9 works great for protecting metal.
    If you really want a stinky mess, forget to rinse off your waders and boots after fishing the salt.
  4. I just learned this with my wading boots. I didn't even think about rinsing them off after wading a beach the other day and within days the metal eyelets were rusted.
  5. I always forget my knife too! In fact, I just remembered I forgot to rinse it yesterday....oops!
  6. No matter how well I rinse my waders, after about a month of constant contact with the puget sound, I start to wonder if I've lost control of my posterior.
  7. My old gym bag I throw my waders and boots in so as not to get the carpet in my truck wet got so bad after fishing the sound for the last month that my girlfriend actually tossed it and bought me a fancy washable wader bag.
  8. Kcahill,
    Another option is just to buy one of those large plastic storage bins. Everything that needs to be rised off goes in there after fishing so I don't forget anything, waders, boots, basket etc.
    Keeps the rig pretty mess free and the bin is easy to clean as well.
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  9. I must admit I am pretty horrible with this. I tend to beat the shit out of my gear, then rinse it off and put it away at the end of the season.

    My boat on the other hand, gets flushed and cleaned each and every time out.
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  10. Wow Nick! You must have all sorts of colorful crystals forming on all things metal. Plus, it's a shame to let those stinky boots and waders make contact with your clean boat!;)
  11. I'm sure my waders could be used for marine biology research at the UW, but I don't much care. I buy my gear to use. This time of year I'm simply not willing to take the time to clean and put away my gear after each use. If I did that I'd spend so much time dealing with gear that I'd never get to fish!
  12. Nick, It's hard to argue given your success rate. Total cost per fish might go up due to gear loss, but we all know price per pound while sports fishing is irrelevant. More power to you.:)
  13. Gregg, that's why you buy from companies who warranty their products for life and are located less than an hour from your house! ;)
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  14. ^^^^ Ding ding ding
  15. Growing up in Hawaii we always used simple green when cleaning out the boat and rods and reels from a day out deep sea fishing. At a minimum we always rinsed everything out with lots of fresh water. I was also always advised by my dad growing up to use the reel under running freshwater to help get the salt/sand out.
  16. Never trust a guy with clean waders...
  17. Don't kid... I saw you checking out my shiny warranty replacement waders with that gleam in your eye Friday night

  18. Try using Salt-Away or one of the knock offs sold in marine stores and used to flush motors. It's a soap formulated to bust salt. I toss everything I use in a solution when I'm done. It dissolves all the salt, and leaves a micro thin coating to protect metal from saltwater. Reels lines, flies, knives, coats, waders..... all benefit from the rinse. My stuff looks like it's never been in the salt, even the gear that's only used in the ocean. I've been using it for years, and was pleased to see that the Lamson reel manual suggests it now.
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  19. Thanks Don, that's what I was inquiring about. Will have to try some and report back.
  20. You do cut a dashing figure...
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