salt water flyfishing part 3

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jimmyz, Dec 30, 2011.

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    I have been going to the salt on my days off for the last month i was determined to catch a steelhead in the salt water. I never did catch one but i did have a strike one day. After a lot of trial and error this what i learned the fish will be moving with tidal changes best fishing is and hour before the tide change and a hour after the tide changes moving water is the best. I use large marbou flys red white and orange with the extended hook or pink the red and orange is what i had my strike on. I also used a 15 foot rio sink tip line with a moderate retrieve not to fast but not to slow. My favorite place to fish is lagoon point there is lots of room to fish and i diid see fish caught there and the other anglers locals are nice. I also tried floating line with poppers no luck. I tried using a full sink line no luck i tried using my saltwater salmon flys with afast retrieve no luck i tried using a 25 foot seabass line with a small popper and steelhead fly no luck. This is my first year at salt water steelhead fly fishing they say it is a fish for a 1000 cast but i have made 10000 cast have i gave up never give up but might take a week off rom thesalt happy new year everyone
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    Pace yourself. Keep it simple. Sounds like you are on the right track. Stay away from the floating stuff. Try to stay warm. Enjoy the scenery. It will be a great day when you get one. (me too!).

    I don't get a chance at 'em again this year, unfortunately.