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    Seems to me that many posting on this thread are comparing apples to oranges. The TFO rod series is not designed to compete with the Z-Axis or Xi2, etc. Isn’t that like comparing high end performance road cars with mid priced family cars?

    A master caster can take the top 4 ft section of either rod and still cast farther than most ever will with a 9ft rod. The majority of fly fishermen will never push a rod to the extremes that they will even see the 5% +/- difference between the two rods in twenty years of casual fishing.

    TFO, and a few others, are producing a pretty decent value rod, that does about 95% of what a high end rod will do, and for my money that's pretty good, good enough for me to buy, when what you want is a rod that's affordable and is a decent casting rod. I have cast a wide range of TFO's all day, from 4wt to 10 wt rods, and they are a good rod IMO. They don’t match the craftsmanship you will find in the high end rods, and in the extremes do lack a little, that extra 5% that the high-end rods will provide. But they are a good value for what they are designed to do. In the end, I have no qualms about lending out a TFO to a friend or one of my kids; I don’t ever lend out any of my high end rods or reels.
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    Yea, i will take the top 4ft section of my TFO and outcast all you noobs. :(
    Who cares what everyone thinks, if you like it you like it, if you dont you dont.

    ps i suck at casting, ignore my first sentence.
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    This thread is still going? Find something better to do.
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    way to go on and bring it back to the top Ethan. but seriously, i think i have gotten plenty of good info and more than enough bullshit.