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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by wolverine, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. I cast the SuperSport in a confined setting (Meydenbauer, at the Fly Fishing Show) and with only a few minutes on it and lined up with whatever 6 weight line Sage had there. It seemed to me to be Redington's answer to the TCR. It definitely seemed like a long distance tool. My impression was it would need certain lines and setup to make it sing (kind of like the TCR). My initial impression is the CPS is a more forgiving action that will fit more casters than would the SuperSport . . .

    Again, though, that's in a confined setting where there wasn't much room to air it out. Does anyone have any SuperSports in stock around the Puget Sound?
  2. The retailers I have visited only carry the CPS and lower ends. I think D3Smartie made a valid point, in that there are not many here who are going to spend more than 300.00 on an import fly rod. Probably why TFO has stayed near and below that 300 mark, as have several others.

    Redington has attempted before to make high end (or at least in price) fly rods, I remember the NTQI (quartz) rod, and the baby blue rod (name escapes me at this moment). None seem to have caught on.

    It doesn't seem like the CPS has been out that long? 3 years maybe? Turnover on lines of fly rods seems to be so quick lately. It seems a shelf life is 2-3 years now for a new line of rod, compared to the 8-10 years shelf stay of past rods.
  3. Has anybody tried the Loomis Xperience saltwater 6 wt?
  4. Redington is going to introduce a couple new lines of rods. The CPX is one of them. Havent felt it, but i guess they were able to use some new core technology in this design which gives them about a 15-20% stronger blank.
    I'll try to get one in my hands and see what she can do. :)
  5. i luv my beulah 6wt, really fast action and plenty of power for those mid teen's silvers
  6. Thanks for the info. Do you know if the CPX is replacing the CPS or just an additional model in Redington's lineup?
  7. I bit on one of those myself and it is a great value! Started out as a back up, but has since moved to the front row over other much more expensive rods.

  8. its going to replace it.
  9. I presume you test drove it before you bought it; where?
  10. Bill @ Peninsula Outfitters in Poulsbo has atleast 1 supersport for those looking to test them out.
  11. D3Smartie...(correct me if I'm wrong) you throw a Xi2 around on the beach, how does that compare to the supersport? Just curious, I'm like Richard in a way, that I enjoy casting and talking rods.
  12. You're talking the resident fish, right, the mid teens as in inches?
  13. Porter, I havent cast them side by side yet. I may have to do that tomorrow as I have started to see a nice increase of resident coho in the 2-4 pound range.
    I'll do that and let you know what i think.

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