Saltwater Reel For Sea-run Cutthroat

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Alex MacDonald, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I've got a new, stiff 6-wt coming, and have decided on a line, but am stumped over an adequate reel to use on my new sea-run setup. Any thoughts on a decent reel that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
  2. Try a Lamson Guru. Good reel, fair price. Konic is a little cheaper. Searching for a new reel is good fun.
  3. I've been using a G Loomis Venture for a few years now in the salt and it's been a champ. Not too much $$ either.
  4. I picked up a Guru 2.0 and it's a 5/6 reel. I plan to use it for the salt - it's a replacment for a cimmarron.
  5. How about I loan you one to try? Leaderhosen land is far from the salt.
  6. Thanks, Ed, and thanks to all of you as well. Good advice, and I think I'll go for a Konic-have one on my Spey rod already, and am happy with it. And yes, while it's probably about 4 hours' drive from here, I get the chance to take the new trailer and hit Doswallips or another nice campground. We've driven by the spots on the canal for years on our way to P.A., and the crossing to Victoria, and never been able to stay!
  7. You might want to take into account spool prices too.Most guys have a few different lines set up on spools.
  8. My SRC reel is a Ross CLA. Not the lightest or prettiest, but it will do the job.
  9. Sir,

    I just received a brand new Abel spey reel (clicker) to play with. Its just awesome and I don't know what they sell for, I think around $500. This reel would be perfect for what your fishing for.

    Sea Level fly has some really killer reels that or a pretty close knock off of the famous ABEL reels for dirt cheap prices. Make sure you check them out before you buy anything, all of Sea Level's reels come with a lifetime warranty. I don't have anything to do with either company, just a suggestion. good luck.

  10. Alex,

    Ever been to Deception Pass S.P.?
    Pass Lake and Cranberry Lake next door and miles of salt shoreline. A great park to go check out.
  11. I don't know much about the SRC fishing there, but it is a great campground. Ed, Jason, and I camped there with our respective families last summer and had a great time, and great fishing on the mentioned lakes.
  12. If you are at the Dosewallips State Park, stop in and buy a Giant burger at the Geoduck Tavern. Don't forget to wash it down with some beer.
  13. Thanks, Larry; it just got moved to the top of the list! I've always been in too much of a rush to get somewhere else when I drive by, but no longer:)
  14. Oh, and another thing Alex, you can walk to and from the Geoduck Tavern from the park so you can have as many drinks as you want after dinner and walk back to camp! ...:D
  15. That's cool!! I'm thinking of that part in Yellowbeard, the pirate comedy? "Stagger,stagger, crawl crawl...fall over, stagger, crawl....".

    When I was running marathons back in the `80's, there was a cardiologist from New York, George Sheehan, who proposed drinking flat beer as a glycogen replacement while running because it didn't have the huge dose of salt that the original Gatorade had. He was our God!!
  16. Stay away from the Geoeduck about noon is packed. Flat beer in lieu of Gatorade?? The guy is a genius, wonder what he knows about fishing...that is "Sound advice".
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  17. Alex,
    This idea won't stimulate the economy, but check out the Pflueger Medalist 1500 series with r/c (rim control) . You'll find them thru the net search for sale . New- 39.00. Used about $15, Rinsed in warm water after each use- you'd do that anyway for your line- they are handsome and an improvement on the old classic. I have a very expensive Islander for big game but the Medalist is just so cool and retro.- I'm sure you'd find good use for the leftover $. Whatever, have a great time on your sea run fishing and camping trip. I love our cutthroat and cohos !
  18. Man oh man, I hadn't thought at all about that idea!! I have a Pflueger for my little `boo 4-wt. Great idea; thanks, 2kayaker!

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